I went to the #library yesterday…

Yep, that is correct. I stepped inside of the local library yesterday…and I got myself a library card. This is something of a biggish deal because in the past I was never a big fan of libraries.

Don’t get me wrong. Libraries are great. They’re great for book lovers. They’re great for communities, etc. It’s just that I have this thing about not owning a book that I read. Need proof? Check out my book collection. I don’t like getting rid of them or even sharing in most cases.

Despite this, I’ve been pushing the use of libraries on many friends in recent months when spending money becomes an issue for them. I’m not a total stranger to libraries, anyway. I used them in college…to get work done, but never actually checked a book out. (Thank you internet for your research capabilities.) Now with ebooks and digital audiobooks, libraries are in our homes, and I wanted to take advantage of what more and more people are already doing.

Ebook prices for traditionally published books are out of my budget most often than not. Audiobook prices are out of everyone’s budget. (I don’t know many people who can afford to feed their book need through audio.) Libraries are our way to cut down on our book spending while reading the books we want and supporting our libraries. And don’t forget that libraries have many other resources aside from the books. Go to your local library and find out what they offer.

So now, I have a card:


Whited out the signature just in case someone wanted to try something fishy. Not that I really needed to do that, lol. And how’s that for a well-placed sticker? Convenient for the info at least.

And now I’ll be (hopefully) reading even more of a range of books since I don’t have to worry about the financial burden of buying books I don’t end up liking. I think I’ll start testing my reading boundaries more. I have been more conservative in what I buy in recent months, which is probably for the best. There are probably books on my shelves that I won’t end up liking. Those could be viewed as wasted money, but whatever, right? I’ll find someone to enjoy them somewhere down the road, and I’ll just get less random pics from now on. I’ll leave that up to my library reading instead. And I’ll be doing even more audio that I’ve already been doing.

Sounds like a win all around, to me. And I don’t even have to step into the library again unless there’s a physical book they don’t have in ebook form that I really want to read. Another win.

fancy lineresize

Now, how about you go check out your local library (if you don’t already). They’ll be happy to have you stop by. Mine seemed happy to have me when I walked in. And if it’s just to get a card to borrow ebooks with, that can only be good for your reading life.

If you need more info on how to borrow ebooks (and audio) from your library, go to their site to find how to do so, or walk in next time you’re around. It’s fairly easy, even if Overdrive (the way most set up their borrowing) is a little cumbersome at times.

Let us hear in the comments your thoughts on libraries, borrowing books, and anything that might help others get the most out of their library experience. I barely touched on the positives that can come from a library in this post.


11 responses to “I went to the #library yesterday…

  1. So funny. I just did the same thing last week! I too hate not owning books, particularly ones that I really enjoy. But the library does have some exciting possibilities…

    Sarcasm & Lemons

    • I’m sure your wallet is hugging you a little more right now 😉 I’m finding the ebook collection isn’t as into my reading taste as I’d like it to be, but I can get over that. It’ll still allow me to read some great books I’ve been wanting to read. I have access to my girlfriend’s library, as well, through her and the selection is a bit better (especially in audio). So between the two of us, we won’t run out of books.

      If I start reading enough from them, maybe I should do a “what I borrowed from the library” segment on the blog. Sound like something you’d like to start? You’d probably read them faster, haha.

  2. Here in CT, there is a 30% budget cut on the table. I am not noticing enough uproar over the proposal to make a shift. It will stink when the 20+ year old programs end if people don’t call the representatives.

    • It’s sad to hear that, especially with how much librarians from all over are doing as much as they can to advocate for libraries…even ones they’re not employed in. Seems every week we hear about something great a library is doing for a community and right after we hear about more cuts. Even more reason for us to keep going and using the libraries. Show people that they’re necessary and hope things turn around.

      • I’m working hard to get the word out since I heard this past Wednesday. Out of all the libraries I goto, Plainville CT was the one who brought the issue to my attention when the cuts were proposed in March. Plainville is my favorite around here and it does not surprise me the librarian was on the ball.

        • If there’s any link or other info you’d like to share here, please feel free to do so. I don’t know how many CT readers I have, but maybe there are a few and they could be more aware and do some good 🙂

          • Thank you, I feel we have done what we can do. Sometimes getting words on the Internet bubbles things up to the top of searches. Sometimes typing out thoughts strikes a cord in somebody else for what ever reason to become more active.
            Again, thank you for the blog and letting me vent some of my steam. XO

  3. Ha! I did the same thing this week. Slightly different reason though. I thought it would be a good way to find new cookbooks (I don’t want to spend $40 on a cookbook for maybe three recipes), and books about autism (since I buy them and then skim for relevant info. Total waste of $$$). And my 6yr old was thrilled with their comic selection. Overall a win 🙂

    • Sounds like many great reasons to me, especially if you can get your kid excited about the library early. I went as a kid, but I don’t remember finishing a book I borrowed. It was more the idea of borrowing a book that kept me doing it, haha. Also 2 weeks for a novel as a kid was NOT long enough for me. As an adult, I can deal with that.

  4. I used to beg my mom to take me to the library when I was a kid. I think the librarians thought I was cheating during the summer reading challenge, but I’ve always been a fast and voracious reader. I regret that being in college for so long has considerably diminished my use of the library for purposes other than research. I’m pretty sure my card’s expired. But once I graduate and get a real people job, maybe I’ll actually have time to visit my library again.

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