M/M Recommendations from @MarCarring

You may recall Christina Lee’s recent guest post here on A Life Among the Pages. In that post, Lee shared some of her favorite M/M romances. And you might remember yesterday’s release from Megan Erickson, Trust the Focuswhich is one of the books Christina Lee recommended.

Today, I’m helping to continue with the recommendations for more diverse reading with the help of Marcia Carrington. This time around, we’ll be getting more M/M recommendations, but with a slight change. These will be short story recommendations. Along with reading diversely in subject matter, I find that not everyone gives short stories a chance. I know some readers who dismiss shorter work (for some reasons I feel are valid, some I don’t), and maybe this’ll be a way to explore the short story and add some different subjects to your reading lives.

Please check these out. I’ve found many are free to read, which is a plus. I’ve added most to my TBR and hopefully will be sharing some thoughts on them soon. If you’d like to help spread the word about diverse reading, I’ll have information below on how to get in on this guest post series.

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Reading diversely is a wonderful thing as you learn new things about people and life, and it makes you aware of different people, how they live, and how they think. It also is a great way of learning about, and becoming more accepting of, and understanding, all aspects of humanity. For authors, reading diversely also assists with writing, and broadens the scope of a work which an artist wishes to produce, therefore making these more real to readers, and, therefore, a more authentic reading, and writing experience overall.

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Crazy Stupid by AJ Dixon

Eating Ice Cream on the Subway by Steve Nugent

Unlocking Love by Scarlet Blackwell

First Kiss by J. Thomas

Thaw and Serve by Jessica Freely

The Name on My Wrist by J.M. Snyder

Love in the Library by J.M. Snyder

Best Night Ever by Keara Kevay

Dirty Boys by Kyle Adams

Filibusted by Myla Quirk

My Erotic Valentine by A Scott Boddie

The Need in Me by Sophie Duncan

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Would you like to share your recommendations for diverse books with my readers? Doesn’t have to be M/M books. That’s just a growing theme so far. Anything that’s not the norm is welcome. You can see more about that HERE.

All you need to do is contact me via the contact form on the blog (or email if we’ve talked in the past). Let me know you’re interested, and I’ll let you know what I need from you. Then I’ll set you up with a date for the post once we get things all together.
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About the Author:

Marcia Carrington writes about the human condition, exploring what makes people tick, but in an upbeat and optimistic tone. She is an interested observer of popular culture, and fan of cinema from all eras and countries, especially from the 1930-1970s. Marcia is a long-time soap opera viewer, watching daytime, and night time serials from a very young age.

Marcia is also a food connoisseur, with a particular love of chocolate, and coffee. The morning coffee has always been a staple for Marcia, and something which she cannot do without. There is just something about the fresh aroma of coffee early in the morning, and anytime for that fact, which proves irresistible to her.


Find out more:


7 responses to “M/M Recommendations from @MarCarring

    • Where the main relationship is between two men. M/M = male/male. As opposed to M/F, which doesn’t really get used because that’s the “norm” so goes unsaid. There’s F/F as well, but I think that’s mostly listed as lesbian from what I’ve seen. Not sure why M/M is used more often than, for example, gay (or another non-abbreviated word).

      The use of M/M for me started in erotic books first. At least that’s where I first started seeing things like that, and M/F/M (for threesome erotica) and combinations of that, F/F/M, M/M/F. Each order has a different meaning I think, though I don’t know as much about that to explain.

      So to get back to M/M. I use it here because that seems to be the most popular way to “label” this type of story, and I figured it’d get more attention from the most people is they saw it. Sorry it wasn’t explained in the post. Hope this helped though 🙂

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