#NewRelease: TAKE ME – Twelve Tales of Dark Possession

I don’t have many chances to tell you about new collections coming out, but one came out today that may be of interest to some of you. Take Me is a collection of twelve books from many well-known authors, and many that are new to me. I first caught wind of it after discovering Shari Slade and her work. You may remember my review of The Opposite of Nothing. After reading that novella, I went out to pre-order Take Me which includes her novel (co-authored with Amber Lin) Three Nights with a Rock Star. I’m looking forward to reading that one and many more that you’ll see listed below.

One last thing. If you want to know a bit more about each book, click the titles. I’ve linked them to their Goodreads pages. And each author name in the “about the authors” section links to their websites. It’s a little different format from my normal posts due to the amount of authors included.

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Take Me - Twelve Tales of Dark Possession


Surrender to desire with 12 books by the hottest names in dark romance, including bestselling authors Pepper Winters, Anna Zaires, and Lynda Chance.

CD Reiss – Spin
Jenika Snow – A Beautiful Prison
Pepper Winters – Destroyed
Skye Warren – Trust in Me
Kendall Ryan – Unravel Me
Anna Zaires & Dima Zales – Twist Me
Shay Savage – Otherwise Alone & Otherwise Occupied
Amber Lin & Shari Slade – Three Nights with a Rock Star
Pam Godwin – Deliver
Lynda Chance – Marco’s Redemption
Gemma James – Torrent

These e-books would cost over $40 if purchased separately. This set will only be available for a limited time, so pre-order your copy now!

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If you’d like to grab a copy of this collection, you can find it on:

Amazon | B&N | Kobo

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About the Authors:

CD Reiss
Jenika Snow
Pepper Winters
Skye Warren
Kendall Ryan
Anna Zaires & Dima Zales 
Shay Savage
Amber Lin & Shari Slade 
Pam Godwin
Lynda Chance
Gemma James

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