Authors, Share Your Recs! Read Diverse!

Recently over on my Facebook page and my Tsu page I asked if there were any authors who’s like to help out on a (near) future blog post. Since I’ve gotten minimal response for one reason or another, I think it’s time I put the call out on the blog and ruin the surprise a little.

What I’m looking for is for a variety of authors to help me recommend their favorite books with non-hetero main characters, situations, etc. Also, I’d like it if you, the authors, could write a quick paragraph(ish) on why you like this type of book and why diversity in reading is important.

My original plan was for a top 5 M/M list, but that’s not helping anyone out. Without getting enough response to that, I wouldn’t get enough response to a call for F/F lists, and everything in between. So I changed it up. Let’s bring some awareness to anything other than the historical “norm” of M/F, hetero characters/relationships. There’s nothing wrong with them, and that’s what I’ve mainly read in my life, but it’s time for me to branch out and hopefully for my readers to do the same.

So, if you’re an author, and you’re interested in helping out, please send your list of 5 recommendations (titles and author names please) and the paragraph (or slightly longer if needed) on reading diversity through the CONTACT FORM here on the blog. Feel free to include a link to your website/blog and Twitter for me to include with your list. (This SHOULD go without saying,  but it wasn’t “clear” on Facebook apparently: This isn’t an opportunity for you to push your books on readers. It’s a chance to push books you’ve loved on readers. But if you do write books that’d fit this post, you may inquire about a separate opportunity to promote them. Just do so in a different inquiry so I can keep things separate.)

Deadline: Not really sure. ASAP is best. I hope to get this out early February if I get enough interest.

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