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I know that many of you reading my blog right now are also authors. Some of you are already published and others may still be working up to that goal. Either way, as writers, we’re always looking for more help to understand this crazy publishing world we’re in and a way to make the most of our time.

Long time readers of A Life Among the Pages will recognize the name S.M. Boyce. She’s the author of The Grimorie Saga. I’ve seen her journey in the book world over the last few years, and I’m confident in saying that she knows her stuff.

I’d like to help spread the word about a new resource Boyce is bringing to authors, along with fellow author Heather Hildenbrand, FIND TIME TO WRITE. Here is more on this useful new course from these two great authors.

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You want powerful? This is it.

This course is for the frustrated. The fed-up. The “I can’t possibly write another book because I’m too busy marketing” folks.

Authors S. M. Boyce and Heather Hildenbrand hear you.

Those two full time authors designed this course to help YOU find time to write in your everyday life. It’s full of time management mastery, mindset shifts, and lightbulb-epiphanies. Complete with a companion Facebook group for networking and support, this course will change how you operate your writing business.

The live-run course will begin in February 2015 with a free email-based 2-second tips mini-class leading up to it.

You do NOT want to miss out on this one. It’ll change your writing life.

Sign up + change your life!

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About the Authors:

Heather HildenbrandHeather is a full-time author who can’t imagine anything scarier than rush hour traffic. *shudders* She writes full-time and manages to find enough minutes for author coaching & strategy as well as raising two minions and being ridiculously in love with her new husband.

She also manages to live in two places at once, so she feels pretty confident she’s managing her time–instead of letting it manage her! You can get more updates on her #OutRAGEousLife on her website.


Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads
Amazon | Smashwords

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Boyce 300Boyce is a full-time novelist, editor, and writing coach with a flair for fun. In her writing, she specializes in action-packed stories that weave in fantasy, suspense, and main characters with a knack for mischief. In her coaching, she specializes in leveling up her authors in both business and writing skill. Visit her coaching site to work with her one-on-one.

Need a creative nudge to fuel your writing? Her Haven is the perfect opportunity for you connect with her in a creative way. In the Haven, you’ll get the inspiration, empowerment, and community to fuel your creative passions. Plus, you’ll get the scoop on the entire “behind the scenes” process of writing a novel.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads
Amazon | Smashwords


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