#Review: A Winter Reverie, by @reallexistone

A Winter ReverieTitle: A Winter Reverie
Author: Lexi Stone
Rating: 4/5 stars

“Kai doesn’t like many people.
He doesn’t like Christmas much, either.

But he does like the annual holiday festival that his nonprofit stages for struggling local families. In this sweet Christmas short story, when a local merchant backs out on his promise to deliver needed food for the gathering, Kai wonders if the holiday’s one bright spot is ruined. Fortunately, a chance meeting with Morgan – a pagan with a big heart and a fear of heights – might just save the event…and give Kai a different outlook on the holiday season.” (description from Goodreads)

fancy lineresizeAs the description says, this was a sweet Christmas story. It’s also more than that. It’s a quick romantic read for those who might not see much of the joy in the holiday season, like Kai.

It didn’t take me very long to read the story, but it’ll stick with me for a while. I grew to enjoy the characters and can see that more can be written about them and the small town of Coville they live in. I would pick up another story from Stone, like this one. The town is charming and the way the relationship between characters developed was felt natural, not forced as sometimes is the case in short stories.

I would have liked it even more if there was a little more revealed about the characters’ pasts, but this didn’t take away from the story. I was only intrigued from what I found out about their histories that I was left thinking about specifics.

For a story that takes place in the cold month of December in a snowy town, it was a pleasant warming read that I felt was a perfect fit for me right now.

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If you’d like to buy a copy of this short story, you can find it on:


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About the Author:

Lexi Stone strives to write passionate romances that marry her Appalachian roots to her love of dystopian science fiction.  The result is a blend one might call moonshine ‘n’ machines: stories that allow defiant, sometimes lonely characters from the rough edges of society to fight for themselves and for each other in a broken world.  In addition to science fiction, she also writes contemporary and fantasy romance. In particular, she enjoys using her advanced degree in a way her professors certainly could never have intended.

A happy hermit, Lexi takes infrequent breaks from writing to enjoy one-sided conversations with her cat and slightly less one-sided conversations with her husband, who quite agreeably tolerates her flights of fancy.  She spends the rest of her spare time studying Japanese and Irish history, reading and traveling as much and to as many places as she possibly can.  More than anything, she hopes that her writing will convey to others the rich inner world she enjoys, and that they’ll enjoy it too.

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