Story Time Friday Kicks Off Today!

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Today is the first Friday in December, and as I mentioned last month, it’s the start of a brand new series on the blog. Story Time Friday starts today!

If you didn’t catch the announcement post back in November, here’s a brief overview of what it’s all about:

  • Each Friday I’ll be posting a flash fiction story or a few poems from either myself or a guest author/poet.
  • Each story will be 250-1000 words each
  • If I’m featuring poetry, it’ll be 1-3 poems or a reasonable length.
  • Pretty much any genre, age level, etc is open for consideration.

I’ll give info on how to submit a story/poems for consideration at the bottom of this post. For now, here’s the first story to be featured on STF. It’s one of mine.
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A Man and His Dog

by Robert Zimmermann

“You know it was an inside job, right?”

“What are you going on about now? Ryan asks his dog, James.

James always seems to talk at the most inconvenient times. At a family dinner, out on a walk when they run into a cute girl and her dog, and now when Ryan’s trying to study for an astronomy exam.

“An inside job. The Feds. They killed the President, whoever he is,” replies James.

“James, shut up. That was years ago. I’m trying to study.”

“Buy you’re on that video tube site thing you showed me. You must have seen it too.” James jumps into Ryan’s lap and tries to navigate the mouse to scroll to the comments section.

“Stop it! Get down.”

The dog ignores his human and stares at the video wide-eyes. “That’s a strange looking cat video, dude. What’s with all the swirls and dots?”

“It’s not a cat video, Einstein. That’s a galaxy. Remember? Studying. Astronomy. Stars.”

“Bor-RING!” James sings while struggling to stay on Ryan’s lap.

“Fine,” Ryan says, trying to calm himself.” What was this about the President and a conspire…”


Ryan kicks a tennis ball out into the hallway and James barrels out after it. Turning back to his monitor, Ryan sees the comments James was going crazy over and sighs.

“Why’d I teach him how to use the computer? No one should be reading these garbage comments people make on cat videos.” After a slight pause, “maybe there’s something to it. I do have a dog with selective verbal tendencies. Not too many people can say that, can they?”

Ryan switches tabs and presses play on the video of the cosmos, trying to takes notes. However, like the last few times he tried studying for the his online class, his mind wanders passed the material at hand.

“Life among the stars,” the narrator says, “are we alone or are there more like us out there?”

The image zooms in on a far off solar system, a blue point of light twinkles just for a moment and then it’s gone.

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How was that one? I wrote it up on Wednesday, so I didn’t give myself time to polish it up or anything. In the future I hope to have some more written and have more time to perfect each piece.

Next week you’ll be able to read a few poems from fellow poet and author Lily Luchesi. I hope you come back for that.

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How to Submit:

For those who wish to be part of Story Time Friday in the near future, you can send submissions to the email address that I formerly used for review requests (but don’t anymore since I’m retired . . . don’t try to be clever and slip one in 😛 ): Be sure to use the subject “Story Time Friday Submission” and send your piece as an attachment (.doc/.docx would be best). Any other questions, feel free to comment here or contact me through the blog’s contact form.

Hope to hear from some writers soon!

4 responses to “Story Time Friday Kicks Off Today!

    • Thanks for checking out STF. Glad you enjoyed the story, as well. I’m still trying to get more confident about fiction, haha.

      If you ever have a piece you’d like to submit, I hope you’ll consider it. Always looking to feature new (to the blog) authors.

      • I intend to! Id love that. Just wrote my first fiction story in what feels like forever. Published it, and all the ideas i cut out may end up being future stories….

  1. Wonderful kick off post! I always dreamed my dogs could talk when I was a kid. I also used to dream they could morph into Dinosaurs and protect me from the demons roaming the streets at night, but that’s another story.
    This was a great into piece, I’d love to read more about James and Ryan.

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