Poetic Perspectives on Love

I had the honor of being on Ben Ditmars’ blog today to be one of the many poets involved in his Poetic Perspectives on Love post. We were all asked to write down a few lines about love and what it means to us. It’s one of the few things I’ve written lately, so please head on over and give it a read, but don’t bypass the other poets. They’re a very talented bunch. Check out their other work too. I’ve read some of their collections and they’re great.

The Midnight Writer

Last year I invited poets to write a few lines about love on my old blog. What is it and what does it mean? How can we unravel something so painfully elusive? This year I invited them back to reflect a year later: Helle Gade, Regina Puckett, and Poppy Ruth Silver.

But also, I invited more writers: Justin Bog, Tim Giles, Dan Leicht, Michelle Franklin, Natasha Head, Chris McQueeney, Christopher G.J. Smith, Kim Stapf, Saket Suryesh, and Rob Zimmermann. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and opening your souls.

Additional thanks to those contributing last year whose poems I have reposted: Brock Gates, Amber Norrgard, Susie ClevengerSreya Bremtin.

Last Year

6072627190_d78fdf6d6e_z Image Source: Flickr

I will fight against you, for you
Because you mean more to me
than any fight can ever erase
Amber Jerome~Norrgard

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