Read a Classic Month Check In 2

How’s everyone doing with their classic reading this month? It’s come to my attention that the end of the month is fast approaching. So is the date that our posts are set to be…well, posted: November 24th.

This was the date I picked to help everyone get this over and done with before Thanksgiving (for those in the US), which is normally very hectic and reading time scarce. I’d like to know if this date still works for everyone or should I push it to the 30th, the real END of November. I don’t mind doing so, and if someone has their post ready early, that’s great, send me a link please. I’m going to be finishing up my book either tonight or tomorrow (only like 120 pages left) and will write up my post ASAP to get it all out.

I’m leaving it up to the majority of folks out there, so I need your opinions. And by majority, I mean if ONE person needs an extension to write the post by the 30th, I’ll ask that we all hold off, haha. That’s how popular voting works, right? 😉 😉

Hope reading’s going well and you’re all enjoying it. Look forward to hearing from everyone and to help share your posts/blogs around with everyone else.

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