#Review: Never Again, by Rosa Storm

Never AgainTitle: Never Again
Author: Rosa Storm
Rating: 5/5 stars

Life can get difficult, but we always have the chance to change it. Jen decided she had enough and chose to do something to change her situation. Relationships can be hard to keep if you don’t take care of the other person. Never Again is a short story that explores the human mind and actions when we feel desperate, and the chilling consequences that some behaviours can provoke.

This short story can also be found in the anthology called Satan’s Holiday, published October 1st, 2013, and compiled by best-selling and award-winning author Yvonne Mason, with the collaboration of Nicholas Grabowsky. ” (description from Goodreads)

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I’ve read work from this author under her real name, but this is my first venture into the work of Rosa Storm. Having that prior reading experience, I can see that all that I’ve enjoyed about this author’s writing in the past shines through to this story as well. The major difference, it’s much darker and there’s even more depth, drawing the reader into the character’s situation.

What this story does is give readers a glimpse at what can happen if someone in a dangerous, abusive situation is pushed too far and the aftermath. Storm knows how to get her readers into the character’s head and see the motivations, justifications for her actions, and emotions. Not much is held back on the page, and yet I didn’t see the ending coming. That’s the true skill shining through this story.

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You can grab a copy of this short story from:

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As mentioned in the description, this story can also be found in the anthology Satan’s Holiday:

Amazon | B&N

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About the Author:

Rosa Storm is a writer of psychological horror stories. Easily scared, Rosa decided to face her fears and started writing horror stories as a therapy not to be scared ever again. She writes in English because she is convinced that in a previous life she was British, so writing in English feels more natural to her than writing in Spanish, her mother tongue. Yes, she is crazy like that. She now spends her time with her amazing husband, author Mark Stone, between Spain and Arizona, which is great because the long flights let her catch up with her long list of books to read.

Rosa Storm is the author of Never Again, a chilling short story included in the anthology of scary tales titled Satan’s Holiday, and Deadly Company, a horrifying short story included in the anthology of urban legends Don’t Look Back. She also writes award-winning collections of short stories for children under her real name, Cinta Garcia de la Rosa.

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4 responses to “#Review: Never Again, by Rosa Storm

  1. Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing my story! Quite different from Little Nani, huh? lol I need to update the bio because I recently published a second horror story, way darker than this one.

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