Story Time Friday, New Weekly Series?

I know many of you reading this now are writers, whether you’ve already written a novel or just dabble in some stories in private. Many of us at least entertain the idea of writing (I entertain the idea much more often than I follow through with the act these days). I’d like to start a weekly series on the blog to help get your work out to the masses (or the 10 people who read this, at the very least).

How’s this sound? Every Friday, I’ll post a flash fiction piece or a poem (or two) from either myself or an author who sends in a piece. Working title: Story Time Friday. It’s childish enough to be a great title for five minutes of brainstorming.

  • Flash fiction, any genre, 250-1000 words
  • Poetry: 1-2 poems, 3 if they’re relatively short and you want 3. No restrictions on genre or anything there. Length isn’t normally a poetry issue either.
  • Not all submissions will be accepted, but I’m not too picky. As long as it’s well-written, and doesn’t need extensive proofreading or other work, I’ll be very likely to say yet. (This won’t be an issue for 99% of work anyway, so don’t worry, haha. Just needs to be stated.)

I don’t think I’ll start the actual posts until December, so there’s a few weeks until things get started, but I’d like to have a few authors lined up in advance. So start with those submissions, or at least feel free to drop word that you’re interested.

Please submit all work for consideration or any questions you may have to: (Subject: Story Time Friday Submission.) You may have noticed that this is the email I used for my review work, but since I’m not currently taking reviews requests, as long as you use that subject line, I’ll look at the work. I have the account there, so why not let it get used a bit.

I look forward to getting some great talent on the blog and hope everyone likes the idea. I think it’ll add some light, quick reading to the end of each week. Maybe help us all unwind a bit, especially starting it during the heart of the holiday season. Please spread word around if you can, as well. It would be a great help to get people involved.

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