#Halloween #FlashFiction and Book Recs

I’ll make this brief so you can go enjoy the stories and recommendations I’m sharing. Today, as we all know, is Halloween. I set out to write a few stories today. Short flash fiction, nothing too in depth or serious. It was a fun exercise and great for a few minutes of reading time during what may be a busy day for people. I’ve also included some spooky reading recommendations at the bottom of this post. Hope you find something good to read!

Enjoy! And if anyone would like to write their own story, I’d be happy to post it in the coming week as a follow-up. Just let me know if you’re interested.

Line bat

Story 1

It was a peaceful morning on the lake. It was cool with a light breeze and only a few clouds passed by the rising sun. The old man looked on admiring the view out his window. “The fish will be biting something fierce today,” he mused aloud. “I haven’t been able to feed them for a few weeks.”

A weary looking man on the other side of the cabin toppled off a chair, struggling to loosen his restraints.

“No need for that, son. I already have your friend loaded up in the boat. I’ll be back for you later.” the old man said, grabbing his keys and walking to the door.

Line bat

Story 2

Zombie? Yes, they’re around. So are all the animals we only had to fear in fairy tales. Even more of a threat: human nature. It wasn’t too surprising that with the collapse of civilization, the collapse of civilized man occurred, as well.

It’s easy to take down a zombie or two that happens to wander close to camp. They’re slow and the rot makes quick work to crush a skull even with a bare fist. And even though the wolves are braver now that humanity’s hold on nature has weakened, simple measures will keep them away more often than not. No, these aren’t the threats the end of the world has for us now. It only took man a few generations to devolve into savage creatures, no better than the wolves. Now it’s use against them. The ones who are still able to grasp onto what held us high on the food chain and the ones who have fallen, snapped from the isolation, starvation, and other hardships that plague the world after.

 They are the ones lying at my feet. They are the ones whose blood drips from the blade in my hand, my arms, and off my face. There is one less tribe to deal with in the world. In time, we’ll have cleansed the world of these savage creatures. The ones left will be like me: civilized, sane, and now alone.

Line bat

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2 responses to “#Halloween #FlashFiction and Book Recs

    • Thanks Ben. I’m not too confident with these two, even though I just threw them together out of thin air yesterday. Figure I should flex my writing fingers a bit and this is what happened. Great to hear it worked for someone 🙂

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