Fan Interview #3 – Questions from @lynniespalmtree and @KIMPITBULL123

Today I’m posting what seems to be the final set of fan-asked interview questions. I’ve yet to receive more, so four interviewees will be the end number (for now). These two came from a few long time fans and they’re some good questions for me as a writer. Hope you enjoy them.

And if you’d like to send in some questions, I’d be happy to answer them. You can send them in at any time (even a year from now). Here’s the original post looking for them if you’d like to check that out and find out how to send in the questions.

Thanks in advance, and thank you to those who’ve already asked some great things.

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Kristalyn Thornock

I know you write fantastic poetry, do you ever plan to write a full length novel or series?

I’m going to say that’s highly unlikely. It’s hard enough for me to come up with a short story that’s over a thousand words. So a novel is probably out of the question, as well as a series. The closest thing to a “series” that I had planned was a series of semi-connected stories dealing with Nick and Julie from Breakfast in Bed. However, that idea never really took off. Haven’t really been caring about that genre enough to right it. I might get a short story “series” or collection together at some point if I find a connecting theme or character to write.

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Kim Stapf 

Does writing come easy for you?

It used to. I used to write at least a poem a day for a long time. Then it was less often, but still often enough. The change for that was that I was taking more time to get better work on paper the first time, rather than let it fix itself in revisions.

Lately though (not too long after publishing From Where I Stand, I haven’t written much at all. Nothing I do helps get it out of me, but I keep hoping something will kick me in the ass. Once I’m “in” the writing mode…it doesn’t come hard for me. I still wouldn’t call it easy though. It’s not a term I’d put on it. It’s more enjoyable when you have to work for it a bit.

Can you look at something and see a poem or story?

Sort of. Inspiration can come from an object or situation happening in front of me. Sometimes it takes a while for something to click into place though. Inspiration’s a funny thing.

One response to “Fan Interview #3 – Questions from @lynniespalmtree and @KIMPITBULL123

  1. I can’t wait for your next inspiration, I really enjoy your writing, wether it be poems or a short story. Thank you for your response. Hope inspiration kicks you in the butt soon😄😄

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