#Review: Under the Hill, by Emily Storey

Under the HillTitle: Under the Hill
Author: Emily Storey
Rating: 2.5/5 stars

The Age of Man is over but that doesn’t mean the human race is fully extinct. Follow Rune West, one of the last humans on Earth accounting for his average day, or at least what is average here Under the Hill.

Rune West is a man living in a world where humans are nothing but an extinct species spoken off in secret. After an unknown alien race took over planet Earth and destroyed most of humanity Rune finds himself recording his boring life under the hill with his little sister Canna. How is it for to kids living in such a secluded world, running from both alien ships and their own extinction? Find out in Under the Hill. (description from Goodreads)

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There’s potential in this story for something larger and entertaining. Though, from this single “journal entry” there’s only a hint at what the author has in mind for the world she’s trying to build. From that hint, I’d like to see what comes from it.

On this story alone there wasn’t too much to work with. It’s in need of a proofreading to catch a handful of errors and incomplete sentences, though at the same time, if worked into the story better, it could show as a characteristic of the education the narrator doesn’t have in this world of the future.

I also felt that this “journal entry” was incomplete. It starts out sounding like there’ll be a bit of story to it, then goes on to explain the world Rune lives in and how it came to be, but then it just stops. This might have been aided if there were a few entries in this one story/ebook, but it stands on its own.

As I said, I feel there’s much more to work with here and it’ll just take time for the author to flesh it out in future works, that I will be interested in reading. On its own, it didn’t work too well in my opinion. Still an ok quick read to get yourself interested in the author’s plans.

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