#Review: Flirting with Death, by @cerebraltart

Flirting with DeathTitle: Flirting with Death
Author: India Reid
Rating: 5/5 stars

“When they announced the comet approaching earth, she had to cope with only having six months left to live. But as it turned out, thanks to a perverted home invader, she only had a few minutes…

She thought that Michael Arthur, her sleazy man-child of a next door neighbor, was going to rape her after shooting her. When a mysterious stranger wearing all black appears, Michael seems to be in line for his just desserts, but the act of salvation doesn’t make up for the man’s strange, shimmering skin, or why she can’t look into his eyes for more than a few seconds, or how he could possibly know her name. And as it turns out, her salvation comes with a dark, intimate price– but is it one she’s willing to pay?

Fate may not have been on her side that day, but Death certainly was.

Warning: This 5400-word short story contains a badass, fearless woman, a sexy, smooth-talking man, earth-shattering orgasms, a passionate, emotional love scene and the just, timely death of a brony who was asking for it. Author is not liable for passionate swooning, vengeful urges or uncontrollable attraction to godlike entities.” (description from Goodreads)

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I’ve been finding it more and more difficult to come across an erotic story that grabs me and keeps me reading to the end. With Flirting with Death, the story did just that. It starts out showing the promise of being well-written, and not only a story to get to the sex. Reid sets up a good voice for her main character. It’s an interesting voice as well due to the fact that she’s dying from the beginning. I found that start alone to be unique for a story the reader knows will become erotic at some point.

Also, just as I thought the story was going to get a bit awkward (see description and you might know what I mean) it doesn’t go down that route. There’s no unnecessary shock value here when it easily could have had some. And when it got to the more erotic later section of the story the author didn’t ease up in her skill to write a good scene. It was steamy and classy, which I admire in erotica. Get the reader into it, but not to go overboard.

I grabbed another story from this author, which seems to be set up in the same “world” as this one. I’m expecting to enjoy that one, as well. I wouldn’t mind seeing where Reid takes the characters from this story also, if she happens to write more with them.

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If you’d like to purchase a copy of this story, you can find it on:


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About the Author:

India Reid is an American expat writer of alternative, cerebral erotica.  She has a sense of humor, just not a very good one.

Her writing is provocative, witty, and often charming, with thematic focuses on the psychological and philosophical.  Interests in science fiction, fantasy, horror and history have shaped her stories into tales of dangerous men and sharp-tongued women that transcend the pornography genre.

She loves men, women, film noir, tongue-in-cheek banter, literary theory, giant robots battling inter-dimensional alien invaders, failed revolutions and feminist liberation.  Most of her words come out heavily lubricated with whiskey and wine.

Her first full-length novels, With a Whimper and Hell on High Heels will release in September.

Find out more:

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