#Review: Destiny, by @KaleighM

DestinyTitle: Destiny
Author: K.C. Maguire
Rating: 4/5 stars

“In earth’s future, humans are becoming more like robots and robots are becoming more human. As Joe Baker’s friends and family undergo the Transition – a procedure enabling humans to upload their personalities into robotic replicas – Joe discovers that his android companion, Destiny, is developing sentience. And falling in love with him. Joe’s conflicted feelings about becoming a machine and his growing fondness for Destiny confuse him about his own future. His best friend, Cutler, is pressuring him to Transition before it’s too late. Does Cutler know more than he’s saying? If Joe Transitions, he can be with Destiny forever, but at what cost? As he pursues his options, Joe learns some startling truths about the Transition and the nature of humanity…and love.” (description from Goodreads)

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This story started out with an interesting premise. Technology has advanced so far that we can take our thoughts, personalities, and everything else that makes us (mentally) who we are, and download it into an exact artificial copy of our body. Androids are common place, as well as  an agency that’s purpose is to preserve species that are becoming extinct. It all sounds like a great future.

As the story progressed, I found myself becoming more and more interested in the way this world worked and the consequences it has on the individual, as well as humanity as a whole. There’s also a discussion to be made about the love between man and machine because the lines are blurred between the two with Joe and Destiny. I find myself thinking about it even hours after finishing the story.

The outcome was great, too. I found it a realistic way for the story to progress, even if it’s not the most positive conclusion. I can’t elaborate, to avoid spoilers, but I’ll say that I was glad to see it end this way because it helped elaborate on the way this future society handles things and it made me think back on it all, wondering : “What is humanity? What makes us what we are?”

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About the Author:

Kaleigh Castle Maguire is a wife and mother of three who loves fiction writing and reading fiction of all genres. She has a particular passion for young adult and children’s books and is currently working on two young adult novels – one is a science fiction story for girls and the other is a fantasy action adventure for boys. She is a member of RWAAWP and SCBWI. She loves to blog about books, writing, and to interview new authors when she can get them to agree (which they happily do most of the time). She’s also a proud member of the Houston-based Space City Scribes author collective. In July of 2014, she joined the blogging team at Luna Station Quarterly, contributing interviews with women speculative fictions authors.

Kaleigh’s flash fiction has appeared in publications including Writers Type, Delta Women, Tough Lit, Black Petals Magazine, Six Minute Magazine, Midlife Collage, Everyday Fiction, and Luna Station Quarterly. She has three e-novellas published by Books To Go NowDestinyDear John, and Ivory Tower. In 2014, she came second in YA/MG/children’s category in the the Houston Writers’ Guild fiction contest for her draft fantasy manuscript, Halfling.

She has completed the fiction writing certificate programs at UCLA and Stanford, and is currently a student in the MFA program in Writing for Children and Young Adults at Vermont College of Fine Arts.

She has lived in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, but home is wherever the family is.

Find out more:

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