#PoetryMonth: Prose Verse Babel 10

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Kristalyn's poemKristalyn Thornock

Love letters to the dead
Forever reap
Vicious waves
To all the boys I’ve loved before

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Robert Zimmermann

speaking with
the angels.

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IMG_0796Five Patients:
The Giver,
The Miracle Worker,
The Shrinking Man,
Julie, & Julia.

A time to Kill…

and then there were none.

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when the war began
(across the river and into the trees).”

“it can’t happen here,
east of Eden.”

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UntitledLetters to a young
Misery, that hideous
strength; the long dark
of the soul.

Line curvyAs always, please send in your Prose Verse Babel submissions! I love sharing other reader’s poetry in this series. If you’re planning on submitting, make sure to email me a picture of the stack of books and the text of the poem how you’d like it to read. Remember, you can alter the titles slightly to suit the poems. I’m not too strict. Just have fun :) Please use my contact form to inquire about a submission.

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