#PoetryMonth: a poem by @LilyLuchesi

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Blank paper is never my soul
Empty is something I don’t know
That’s why I write
To fill the empty void
To mar the pure whiteness of
The paper, the screen
To make it mean something
To make you feel something
I write for me
I write for you
I write because
If I don’t I just might
Too many emotions
To many words
Can’t keep the inside
Have to let them out
I can tell you
So I’ll write them here
Art is my addiction
Words are my weapons
My heart is full
My mind is bursting
Let me please
Unburden my soul here
Forgive my intrusion
Into the mind
But let me pull up a chair
Put my feet up
Here is where I’m most at home
In my own mind
With my own words

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If you’d like to check out some more of Lily’s work, you can find her website below the bio. You can also check out the anthology The Struggle:

The Struggle

27 writers. 29 original stories and poems. A single theme:  The Struggle.

Proceeds from the sale of this anthology will go to helping writers in need.

From horror and humor to love and loss, each tale reflects the struggles we all have to face – in life, and within ourselves. They are as varied as the array of talent who united to create them, spinning the threads of storytelling together to weave an extraordinary anthology unlike any other.

The Struggle features works by Delilah S. Dawson, Michael Birchmore, Bobby Salomons, Sue Birchmore, James R. Tuck, Corey Seeley, Sheila Hall, Lily Luchesi, Karina Cooper, Mari Wells, Andrea Wheeler, Sarah Broadley, J. Luis Licea, Zoey Derrick, Aly Morlock, Casey Harris-Parks, Samantha Lee, Trevor Neale, J. Elizabeth Hill, Romantic Dominant, J. Hewitt, Christopher Liccardi, Caroline Rainbow, Gabi Daniels, Peter Davis-Parker, and Rick Austin.

You can find it on: GoodreadsAmazon | B&N 

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About the Author:

1386223897376Lily Luchesi is an aspiring author/poet from Los Angeles, CA who has been composing poems & making up stories since she was three years old. She has had numerous poems published online and in the anthology The Struggle and is currently looking for a publisher for her YA paranormal novel The Vampire Next Door and her spiritual romance novel Personal Heaven.

Find out more:

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