#PoetryMonth – This is not a joke!

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Today is April first. And if you think it’s only April Fools Day, you’re wrong. While we all enjoy a practical joke every now and then, something even better is taking place today!

April is National Poetry Month! This has been going on since 1996 (even though I only found out about it in recent years) and blah blah. You can find out more info on it here. I don’t want to bore you with details, plus it’s already typed up for everyone anyway. Here on A Life Among the Pages, I wanted to help celebrate NPM by doing something different than I normally would do.

I’ve been having some “issues” with writing in recent months (at least a year if we’re getting technical). I haven’t really been inspired to write any poems, and when I have, I haven’t been happy wit the result. Back in the fall of last year, I wanted to write a collection of poems called A Sense of Fall (mentioned during POETRY WEEK). That collection didn’t get very far, though I’ll still keep putting it together if I get some poems written that’ll fit into it. That was the last time I was able to get any poems written. to go along with this, I haven’t read much poetry lately either. I’ve never been the biggest poetry reader, but it did read.

So, here’s what I want to do for the month of April:

  • I’ll be reading more poetry.
    • As mentioned last week, I’ll be putting a pause on A Storied Week. That means no more short story reviewing (unless I do read something worth a quick review) and more poetry reading instead. Same thing with novels. There’ll be a pause on anything that’s not poetry. I might alter A Storied Week to be about the poetry I’ve read for that week.
  • I want to try writing poetry, even if it’s bad.
    • I’ve been struggling, so I need everyone’s help. If you know of some sites with GOOD prompts. Prompts to inspire some creative writing, not just fill in the blank dull poetry, please pass them along. Other advice to get things flowing, etc. I’ve gotten some so far, but more is always welcome.
  • It’s poetry month, so ALATP will be ALL POETRY, ALL THE TIME!
    • All posts (aside from a few already scheduled) will be poetry related.
    • I’ll be sharing poems from other poets, collections to go check out, and even some guest posts by poets and poetry readers.
    •  Basically think of my Poetry Week event….but for a month! It’ll be great.

Now that I’ve given my sob story and a little explanation of what’ll be happening here, I want to leave you with a little treat and an assignment. Back in high school, and some of college, I was posting poetry to a site called Dreamers Reality. I haven’t posted anything new in years, but my early work is there and some people seemed to like it. I did at the time, but feel I’ve improved greatly since. What I’ve done for some of my collections is to take old poems from there and my old notebooks and revamp them.

So, my assignment for my fans, if you choose to accept it: Read through some of the poems if you’d like to. You might enjoy them. At the very least, you can laugh at them and realize that I’m a better poet (hopefully) now. Then, come back to this post or my contact page, and share your thoughts. If you have some that you like, but would like to suggest need some work, I’d like to try updating them to maybe be something great and I’ll post it this month on the blog. Sound like fun? Here’s a link directly to all my poems on that site.

Enjoy and happy (poetry) reading!

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