April, a month of poetry…I need your help!

As many of us poetry people know, April is National Poetry Month 
(though in today’s globally connected world, it should be international since it unofficially kind of is). So I want to set a goal: I want to write a minimum of…um…two poems every week in April.

I know this might not sound like much of a goal, but I haven’t written many poems in way too long of a time. I need to ease into it, and I need some help getting back into the writing mood in general. This is where you all come in.

I know many people who follow the site are poets in one way or another, whether published or more closeted poets. So I want to ask a few things of you:

  • What helps inspire you out of a writing slump? I’m sure there’s no definite “cure” for a writing slump, but maybe some ideas could help push me to write something good.
  • Do you know of any good writing prompts? Please share them 🙂
    • I’ve tried finding good prompts in the past, but when I find some lists, I feel they’re uninspiring and they never actually prompt me to write. I feel like I’m forcing a poem out to try to fulfill what it wants.
  • Maybe there are some poets or poems that help you get back into a good inspired mood. I’d love to check those out as well.


No for part two of this post. Goals for the blog itself and my reading habits.

  • I won’t be reading novels this month (for the most part). I’ll finish a small list I have for some reviews, but I’m almost done anyway.
  • Instead, I’ll try to focus on my poetry (or stories if an idea comes to me) and also, I’ll try to focus on reading poetry and poetry collections all month.
  • This means: A Storied Week will change slightly. I’ll either “review” about 5 poems I read during the week or stick to a “review” of a poet)(s) I read that week. I think that’sa good trade off.


Thirdly, and lastly…

If anyone would like to have a poem, a promotion for a poetry book, guest post about poetry, or some other idea, please contact me. I’d be happy to set a day aside on the blog to help you out. Just head on over to the contact page and ask away! (If you have already contacted me before and I like ya, just send me an email since you probably already have it 😉 )


Until then, go enjoy some poetry!

13 responses to “April, a month of poetry…I need your help!

  1. Good luck with the challenge! Regarding writing prompts, do you keep a journal/diary (or have you ever?). The other day I was browsing through old entries in a dream diary I’ve kept for a few years and found some material I’ll certainly be using when I get the opportunity.

    • I don’t really have much use for a journal. I’ve tried. Never felt right. But I have stacks of notebooks with old poems. And I have used them to be rewritten into much better ones in the past (some have ended up in my collections). I could always dive into them again, but I’d rather try to be inspired again for brand new stuff. It’s been awhile since that’s really happened. Maybe doing a few rewrites could jump start something though 🙂

  2. Reading poetry sometimes inspire me. Other that that it’s randome things that inspire me, like something in a movie or book, or some randome sentence.
    I wish you luck and cross my fingers that you find your inspiration. 🙂

    • In the past this things have always helped 🙂 Especially early on, I know many songs light up some lightbulb in my head just from a line or even the way a word was said. And reading poetry also. The way a style works for a poet has made me try new things. I think that’s ultimately what’ll help me. I need to read poetry again. Good poetry. Stuff I know I’ll enjoy and will force me to be better with what I write. 🙂

  3. I have reblogged this post for you 🙂 I’ve been trying to figure out what to write as a fellow poet. I’ve never used prompts for poetry myself. I tend to just let it flow, I can go two months without writing a poem and then write ten in a week. I guess if I was stuck, I could strike up an argument with my husband to get the creative juices flowing (but not the best idea). I am currently in the process on publishing my first poetry compendium (scary stuff exposing yourself) and would happily share some with you if you’d like :-).

    • I haven’t had luck with prompts when I’ve tried either. I posted a few last year on the blog if you search back for them. I’m sure there are great places for them online…I just have yet to find them. But who knows, maybe I’ll stumble upon something in April to just make everything click again. I used to write A LOT. A poem a day, or at least a few a week…then it slowly died down. Thinking too much about it or something maybe, then From Where I Stand came out and it was a huge weight off my shoulders (see the subject matter). And I almost didn’t have anything left to write after that. I need to find that next “driving force”.

      I need poets to share in April. If you wanna talk about your collection to drum up attention or want to have a poem or two posted (or any other type of post) let me know 🙂 Send me an message and we can work it out. I’d love to help any way I can.

      • If you stumble across an awesome prompt site let us know. I think I need to start doing a poem or flash fiction piece a day so I can keep stretching and improving myself. I’ll will message you regarding sharing my work on your Blog, it would be an honour 🙂

  4. I’m not a poet, but I find poetry inspirational to my writing. In fact, I believe that by practicing forms over the years, it has made me a better writer (but alas, has not turned me into a poet). But I did come across your post via #MondayBlogs and wanted to chime in on prompts. Recently I just launched a flash fiction challenge on my own blogsite and while preparing for it, found most prompt lists lacking. So far, I’ve grabbed prompts from real life. For example, my internet crashed just as I was posting the weekly prompt so when I got back online I changed the prompt to “using an hyperbole to respond to a frustrating situation.” It allowed me to vent in 99 words, creatively! Also, I love my copy of “The Poet’s Companion” by Kim Addonizio and Dorianne Laux. In it is a great section on “Subjects for Writing.”

  5. This is great! I’m glad you’re using this month to write. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    Remember Gaiman’s advice: show up. Even if you don’t feel inspired, force the words anyway. Meet your goal. You may just get a great idea out of writer’s block that way.

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