A Storied Week – Week Eleven

A Storied Week


Eleven weeks into A Storied Week and I’ve still somehow been able to at least read a few stories. I hope some of you have been trying to do the same. Have you? I haven’t heard from anyone about what they’ve been reading. I’m starting to wonder if I’m rambling out into cyberspace without an audience 😉 Just kidding. I know there are some of you following along with this challenge and maybe reading for a similar challenge.

Some notable things this week: I found some good flash fiction from T.W. King over on Smashwords. I love finding stories randomly over on SW. It’s a great place to find new authors to try out. Also, I started The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the first collection of Holmes stories. I’m still debating whether or not I’m liking what I’m reading, but reading the Holmes canon this year is one of my goals, and I have a ways to go.

Having read an ARC of Passion and Ponies by Tara Sivec this week and read some of another ARC (Rebecca Hamilton’s Come, the Dark) the short story challenge was in the background. But I do think it’s right to say I may have crawled out of my reading funk a little bit. It’s been hard to finish novels lately, but I plowed through P&P and Come, the Dark is going well as well! Yay for that.

Now, enough of me talking. Here’s what I read this week…


Odd and the Frost Giants, by Neil Gaiman

Odd and the Frost GiantsThis is technically a novel of just over 100 pages, but since I listened to this on audio, I want to consider it for one of these short reviews on A Storied Week this week. It’s just under two hours in audio, which is not much longer than some of the longer short story audiobooks I’ve listened to in the past. Another quick note on the audio: Like many of Gaiman’s audiobooks, he narrates it himself. If you haven’t listened to him read, I suggest finding even a clip of him somewhere. He’s a great narrator.

It was a good tale using norse mythology to tell the story of Odd, a crippled boy who felt the outsider and left home. He runs into a few animals and an adventure begins. I liked the use of the mythology in the story, and the story in general. Though even knowing that this was aimed at a younger audience, I felt it could have gone a little deeper into Odd’s character and also how the conflict was (almost too easily) resolved. There’s still a great message in the book and that’s what is to be taken away from the story.


A Scandal in Bohemia, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

S.A. DoyleI read the first two Sherlock Holmes novels this year in attempts to get through all of the (Doyle) Holmes canon read in 2014. Now that I’ve read those, it’s time to dive into The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (the first short story collection.

I already have mixed feelings about Holmes from reading the novels. A Study in Scarlet had an awkward second half and so far Holmes seems to solve cases without the reader getting much of a chance to figure out anything his/herself. It’s because of the inability for me as a reader to be a “detective” that I’m not sure if I like these works yet. This may be the modern reader in me being used to a different type of detective story. I do however enjoy Holmes’ character. It’s hard not to enjoy him and his peculiarities.

There’s much more of the Holmes canon for me to read, so we’ll just have to see if my opinion changes in time. I’m determined to keep going.


A Call from Cthulhu, by T.W. King

A Call From CthulhuThis was a quick flash fiction story based on one of Lovecraft’s most notable works,The Call of Cthulhu. Well, loosely based and with an added humourous, satirically horrific ending that a modern reader can sympathize with.

It’s a fun few minute read with a good twist at the end. I definitely will be checking out other stories from the author.


The Finisher, by T.W. King

The FinisherHere’s another flash fiction story from King. I like how the author is able to build up a story and suspense, and end it cleanly,, in the short format. It wasn’t a rushed ending at all. It was to the point and didn’t waste its limited word count, just like a good flash piece should be.


Have you read any short stories this week? Do you know of any short stories to suggest to me or my readers? Feel free to share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments on this post or more privately through the contact page, if you want you’d like to type something longer up.

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