#Review: Writing to Heal, by L.D. Gliddon

Writing to HealTitle: Writing to Heal
Author: L.D. Gliddon
Rating: 3/5 stars

“A tale of true love that will echo through the ages.” (description from Goodreads)


For a short story, Writing to Heal has a lot going for it. It’s a touching story of a man, Peter, sitting down to type up the story of his life. The reader knows from the beginning that it won’t have a happy ending.

I spent most of my time waiting to be punched in the stomach, so to speak, with this character’s tragedy. It didn’t disappoint in that way.

The writing of the story, itself, was  a bit off, for me. It tripped me up a few times when reading. The use of the passive voice occurred very often, which disrupted the flow, in my opinion. There were also a few other minor issues, that another proofread could fix, that added up in the end.

But still, in the end a reader will very likely be drawn into Peter’s life story, and cry along side him by the end.


You can grab a copy of this story from:



About the Author:

Lee Gliddon was born and still lives in a little town in Wales called Llanelli. The Jobs he has held are just a means to an end, as his heart belongs to writing.

He published his first ebook in 2012 “The Neon Avenger” an aging superheros memoir tale. He also published a short poem ebook in 2012 which was his first touch at the poetry world.

In 2013, now with his poetry craft matured he published the ebook “Poems” a heartfelt selection of poerty with shades of light and dark. His next ebook in 2013 would be “Writing To Heal” a tale of the truest of love and how a single moment can change everything.

Lee plans to release many more poetry and fiction books as they are his true love.

Find out more:

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