Q and A: With Author Robert Zimmermann

If you’d like to check out the Q&A I had with D.e.e.L for the interview, you can find that over on his blog as well.

D.e.e.L's Writing and Various Nonsense

Rob's Author Pic(small)Author Robert Zimmermann

Dan: When did you realize that you wanted to be a writer?

Robert: That’s an interesting question. I’ve never really thought about the moment when I realized that I wanted to be a writer. I’ve been asked when I started writing, and have always had that answer: 11th grade, that’s when I sat down and consciously wrote my first poem.
I guess, I realized I wanted to “be a writer” during the month I was between colleges. I had just graduated from my first college with an A.A. in Humanities, and I knew I should probably continue to get at least a B.A. But in what? Well, I have almost no ambition to do anything else with my life, so why not try to learn more about writing? It was in very late December 2008 that I decided “I want to be a writer” (or at…

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