#Review: The Baby Trap, by @ZoeDamis

The Baby Trap

Title: The Baby Trap
Author: Zoe Damis
Rating: 2/5 stars

“Casey is pregnant and in for a rather unexpected surprise!!! just how much is John ready to be a father and husband?” (description from Goodreads)


I didn’t expect too much from the story. This is mainly due to it being listed at about 300 words. There’s not much room to expand a full fleshed out story.

Despite this consideration, I felt this story lacked in many ways. Aside from a need of another proofread, there really wasn’t much story. Casey finds out she’s pregnant, then spends time describing John’s brother Sam and his dislike of babies, instead of thinking about John and letting him be his own person. Casey seems a little obsessed with Sam, but knows almost nothing about her own boyfriend (based on what’s in the story, at least).

The resolution of this story is predictable and abrupt. I think if the author spent less time having Casey assume things based on the brother Sam, there’s be more room to develop a more balanced story with the 300 words. The subject matter gives many opportunities for conflict. I would have liked to see more of that included in the story.


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About the Author:

I have been writing like forever and totally consider myself as a reader first then a writer. Fan of lots books, love the craft and beauty that comes with writing.

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