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Even before I jumped into the book blogging world, I discovered podcasts. More specifically, I found book related podcasts. Two of the first podcasts I found, and fell in love with, were Books on the Nightstand and The Readers. Since then, I’ve found some other great podcasts to listen to and don’t think I’ll be walking away from them any time soon.

So what’s so great about these podcasts? Well, what’s so great about reading blogs that talk about books? For me, I enjoy listening to the various podcast hosts discus books, authors, publishing news, etc. It’s great to hear other points of view on books that I may have read, find new books to check out (which I’ve done a lot), and so many other topics that get brought up. There’s really no end to what can be found on podcasts.

Books on the Nightstand is hosted by two booksellers who love to talk about books. As an extension of the podcast, they’ve been able to hold a few events a year called “Booktopia,” where they’re fans can get together in a few places throughout the country to meet each other, hear a few authors read and talk about their books, etc. If I ever get the chance to go to one of the Booktopia events, I won’t hesitate to go.

Another podcast I mentioned was The Readers. This is one with two book lovers/book bloggers from the UK. The great thing about this one is that they’re known for their “book based banter.” It adds some fun to the episodes to hear the hosts have some sense of humor and a light atmosphere to the show. Another great thing about The Readers is that I’ve found a few other podcasts through them.

The hosts of The Readers and BOTN know each other, and have talked about each podcast at various times. But recently, I’ve discovered another few podcasts that work with The ReadersHear…Read This! features the hosts of The Readers and Adventures With Words. So from H…RT! I found AWW…and then AWW the Young Adult Edition. Then again, You Wrote the Book (and interview based podcast from one of TR’s hosts).

So just in these examples, you can see there’s a sense of community among the different shows. Who doesn’t like finding a community based around loving books?

Below I made a list of the various podcasts I listen to regularly. I’ve already mentioned some, but there are others too. I’d added the iTunes blurbs and links to check them out more since I don’t want to bore you with rambling on and on about them. But I’d love to hear about other podcasts from you, my readers. Please share in the comments if you have any to suggest.

I hope that some of you go out and listen to some of these podcasts. They’re a great way to spend an hour or so every now and then. They’re informative and fun! Can’t go wrong with that, can you?


Books on the Nightstand

A conversational podcast about books, from two longtime veterans of the publishing industry. If you love to read, this podcast is for you. Listen in to hear what’s new, what’s great, and the books we just can’t stop talking about.

Website | Twitter | Facebook


The Readers

The Readers is going to be filled with news from around the book world, bookish debates and discussions, interviews with authors, bloggers and people in publishing. This aims to be a new ‘chat show for books’ covering all genres with the feel of popping to a couple of friends houses, sitting before their bookshelves with a nice cup of tea and nattering about books for an hour or so.

Website | Twitter | Facebook


You Wrote the Book

You Wrote The Book! is a new book podcast hosted by Simon Savidge. Each fortnight over the coming months he will be joined by a special guest author to discuss their life as a writer and as a reader, from the current novel they have published to the first book they read and everything in between.



Hear…Read This!

Simon and Gav of The Readers and Kate and Rob of Adventures With Words get together in a monthly book club to discuss two picks – they’re taking turns to choose what to read, so who knows what they’ll pick!

Website | TwitterFacebook


Adventures With Words Podcast

Rob Chilver and Kate Neilan are Colchester-based bloggers and podcasters. We blog and talk mainly about books, but we also love comics, film, tv, theatre and music.

Website | TwitterFacebook


Adventures With Words Young Adult Edition

A monthly podcast featuring the best in young adult literature new and old.



The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast

We’re fans of Lovecraftian stories, movies, comics and the like. In each podcast, we discuss a specific H.P. Lovecraft story – what it’s about, how it reads, why it may have been written and what other works of art it’s influenced. It’s fun and a little creepy. Won’t you join us? The horrid truth is that you already have!

Website | Facebook



Featuring the hottest YA authors and books!

Website | Facebook


Book Riot – The Podcast

Book Riot – The Podcast is a weekly news and talk show about what’s new, cool, and worth talking about in the world of books and reading, brought to you by the editors of

Website | Twitter | Facebook


Dear Book Nerd

A bookish advice show that answers your questions about life, love and literature.



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