A Storied Week – Week Six

A Storied Week


Fuck…only two stories this week, and barely any novel reading…scratch that, I “read” three novels this week and read another. That’s right. I’ve had time to read all that because…I was shoveling snow.

So I’m sorry to disappoint with only two short stories to discuss for week six. This is especially sad after last week of not reading any. Luckily, when it snows, I can catch up on some audiobooks and the day isn’t wasted. I started another today and it’s great so far. can’t wait to get more snow so I can “read” more, haha.

Ok that’s enough of this sarcastic rambling. Hopefully next week I can be more productive and read more stories that I wanted to this week. Hope you’re not stuck in a snowbank without a book! Go enjoy a story if you’re not 😉


Ultra-Con, by Tiffany King

I’ve read much of King’s work before. But, before now, it was only novels and a novella. Ultra-Con is a short story, and as far as  I know, it’s one of the very few published short stories from this author.

It wasn’t a bad story, especially for what I feel isn’t normal territory. It won’t be on my favorites list, but it was entertaining. That’s what matters at the end of the day sometimes when reading. I think King can take the concept of the aliens from this story and write it into a full novel, though that’d probably eliminate many of the human characters completely and turn it into a full-on sci-fi book that’d be very different than this story. I think the alien element was the most interesting, but least developed part of in this piece.

So I’m a little torn since King’s strengths from her previous work show. Her characters and their relationships are strong and developed a bit, but the story spend more time fleshing this out and not doing the same on the conflict driving the story. I felt that a few things were extra bits that could be cut since they ended up not being necessary to the overall plot and conclusion.

All in all, King let’s this story end in a way that can allow for a sequel story of novel, if she chooses to do so and I would gladly give it a read.


Still of Some Use, by John Updike

I’ve come to a conclusion that I can get a lot out of stories that are short like this one was. It’s about six printed pages and it seems that the stories I’ve read from very well-known authors, this year, have one thing in common: They tell a story and don’t waste time/space doing so.

Updike wrote a story that tells of a broken family cleaning old “junk” out of an attic, but he managed to really make the reader sympathize with Foster (the father, ex-husband, outsider) during the uncomfortable task with his family. This is done through comparing forgotten board games to his role in the family. As the title suggests, Foster’s still of some sue even if he isn’t part of the family like he was before he divorce.


Have you read any short stories this week? Do you know of any short stories to suggest to me or my readers? Feel free to share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments on this post or more privately through the contact page, if you want you’d like to type something longer up.

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