#Review: Finding Elliott, by Lori Meckley

Title: Finding Elliott
Author: Lori Meckley
Rating: 4/5 stars

“This is a children’s book ages 5 and up.

Miles will stop at nothing to find his best friend a stuffed Elephant named Elliott when he turns up lost in New York City.” (description from Goodreads)


Finding Elliott is a children’s story, and I admittedly don’t read many. Knowing that Meckley’s work is mainly for an adult audience, the curious reader in me had to take a look at Finding Elliott.

Everyone has had some object or person in their life that brings feelings of comfort and security, at least at some point in life. This is especially common for children. This is one way this story can help readers of all ages grow attached to Miles and Elliott’s relationship and the rough day they had.

Meckley’s writing is simple enough for a child to read this on his/her own (sorry, I’m not good at assuming a good age for reading on their own) or to have it read to them by an older reader. I think that’s a strong part of the story as well; it can bring a family together for a few minutes of reading time.

This may not be the happiest of stories, but I feel the emotions it touches on help build up to the ending. I don’t feel it’ll be too disagreeable to a child reader.


You can grab a copy of this book from:



About the author:

Author Lori Meckley lives in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, where she attended Harrisburg Area Community College for her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and worked law enforcement in the field of private apprehension, background investigation and as a booking agent. Ms. Meckley also shadowed Crime Scene Analyst David Ickler.

The author is currently working on a tie-in novel to Morgan’s Diary due the fall of 2014.

Find out more:

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