#Review: Clay for Ellen, by @HarperPeace

Title: Clay for Ellen (Tales from the Lands, story #1)81If57xgisL._SL1500_
Author: Harper Peace
Rating: 4/5 stars

“Anas waits on a quiet shopping street of the evening city. He hopes to catch a face. But what if a face catches him? 

A short story of glamours and charms from the Lands of the Sweet Waters. 

The Tales from the Lands can currently be read in any order without spoilers. 

PG — Some Material May Be Inappropriate For Children. Contains an adult theme: the beauty of a glamour-free face.” (description from Goodreads)


This story grew on me as I read further into the piece. Though, at first, and even to the end, a few things went over my head.

Being only a few thousand words in length, there’s not much room to fully explain this fantastical world; a world with magic charms, and people hiding behind the glamours (masks?).

While I felt I needed more explanation about how this world and culture works, to fully enjoy the story and its ending, I did like the glamour and underlying theme of outer vs. inner beauty. I think it was that, that made me want to read on, the most.

This is only one story in the author’s Tales from the Lands series, so I’m hoping the other stories can and will expand what this one didn’t explore.


You can grab a copy of this story from:

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About the Author:

I don’t want to say too much about myself.  It’s the stories of people’s lives that matter.

I’m a linguist, by training, with a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and a fascination for the older languages: Sumerian, Akkadian (Assyrian and Babylonian), which means I teach kids for a living, because of course there are no jobs in ancient linguistics… smiles.  Hey, I knew that when I started.

I live quietly, with my partner and cat, in a small village you’ll never have heard of.

After my studies, I didn’t really think I’d ever have chance to do work on languages again.  It’s been lovely to be able to do this decipherment, and even lovelier to found what I’ve found.

Find out more:

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