#Review: Earth Blood, by Douglas Owen

Title: Earth Blood3b1cc4f0808dd1cc0cb2a800657bdf04c1218a6d
Author: Douglas Owen
Rating: 4/5 stars

“If the Dwarven race is real, and man still needs oil from the ground. What would happen if the drilling was near their clan’s cavern? They fight back, and still keep themselves hidden.” (description from Goodreads)


The blurb for this story doesn’t do it justice. I found there to be much more to the story as I continued reading. Part fantasy, with an unexpected sci-fi twist, this short story brings up some great ethical questions to those once they finish the story. For the most part I was sided with the dwarves, who are in hiding from the humans and their drilling. But with an unexpected bit of info near the end, I had to ask “What’ll happen to the dwarves if they don’t let the humans have some Earth Blood? Maybe the humans need it to defend all of the creatures of the planet.


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About the Author:

Douglas Owen is a freelance writer and technical analyst. After writing manuals for many years he started to take his love of words through an infinite journey across the vastness of his imagination.

He currently has two published novels and a writing list longer than his proverbial arm. At one point he published a monthly article through a Self – Publishing magazine called “The Written View”, as well as conducted interviews with other self published writers/artists.

Doug, along with his wife Sheila and two cats named Murray and Samantha, call Stouffville Ontario home.

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