#BookFeature: Shesus, by @TheRealDivatox (Hilary Shepard)



TheRose, 15, lives in isolation in the last protected forest of The Americas with her mother Mooma and 9 year old sister, Bugbee. When their mom vanishes, the girls are forced to venture into a world poisoned by ‘The Big Sick.’ Following the secret map encoded in Mooma’s beaded necklace, TheRose and Bugbee must navigate the strange mall dwellings that the last vestiges of mankind are forced to live in order to survive—intent on solving the mystery of their mother’s disappearance. In the process, they discover the real story behind their father’s death, who the legendary enigmatic character Shesus really is and why they are all being relentlessly pursued by the sinister and all—powerful Govercorp, as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance.


You can grab a copy of Shesus from:

Ebook: Amazon
Print: AmazonB&N


About the Author:

I started out as an actress and appeared in tons of movies and tv shows from a Golden Girls to CSI To 40 Year Old Virgin and The Addams Family. Most importantly, I played the evil queen Divatox in the PowerRangers Movie and on Tv ( so be afraid!!) as well as Lauren the wack- job on Star Trek Deep Space Nine. As a writer I created the show Material World for the CBC for which I won a Canadian Emmy YAY!! And have written for the websites Crazy Sexy Cancer and The Conversation. I also co created 3 award winning board games with my best friend actress Daryl Hannah ( yes, the mermaid from Splash!) called LIEbrary ( a bluffing game with books) Famous Last Lines and Call It!! Whew. SHESUS is my first novel.

Find out more:

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