#Review: Homicide John, by C.E. Paul

Title: Homicide John
Author: C.E. Paul
Rating: 3/5 stars

“John Zero-Zero-Two had been dead for some time now, although he didn’t realize it right away. In fact, even when he did realize it, he was in complete and utter denial. Never mind his lack of pulse, his lack of circulation, his lack of breath…he remained animated, despite his horrific appearance when he caught sight of himself in a window reflection. His muddled eyes sat in deep, recessed shadows, and there was some sort of odd, dark liquid dribbling from his desiccated mouth….” (description Goodreads)


I didn’t know much about this story going into it. Upon starting to read, it turns out that the blurb is the first paragraph of the story. Being that that’s out there, I don’t feel it’s much of a spoiler to say that this is a zombie story.

It was interesting enough, for the most part. I liked following along with a newly resurrected zombie, and seeing how he coped with his new “life.” There’s a good, if predictable, ending as well. What I’m still left wondering, though, is how he’s a zombie in a world that seems normal. He just wakes up and enters into civilization. I can’t figure out what caused him to become a zombie, out of nowhere. There’s a clue to how he died, but it’s still not the answer to why he’s “alive” again.

Still, it was an interesting story to spend a few minutes with. And I do like the author’s style. He moved the story along and kept me reading.


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