#Review: You Will Notice that Hallways are Painted, by Angela Meyer

Title: You Will Notice that Hallways are Paintedhallways
Author: Angela Meyer
Rating: 3/5 stars

“They’re not really crazy but they aren’t ‘functional’ members of society either: they drink, feel, touch and love too much. Is it possible to hold onto yourself, and still get out of the institution?

Originally published in Torpedo Greatest Hits (Hunter Publishers, 2010) edited by Chris Flynn.” (description from Goodreads)


There’s a lot going for this story, though it didn’t all work for me. The story jumps around a little bit and is vague in some details. This, while it isn’t always my cup of tea, allows the reader to speculate on various components of this piece.

It’s part dystopian, though there isn’t much expansion on this aspect. It’s also a bit of a psychological experience, where the reader might even feel the dystopian feeling is all inside the characters’ heads. There are many ways I could have picked this one apart for interpretation. That helped my enjoyment, even though I felt it was disjointed at times.


You can grab a copy of this short story from:

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About the Author:

Angela Meyer is a writer & professional reader (editor, reviewer, interviewer, festival chair), based in Melbourne, currently abroad.

She is the editor of an anthology of spooky and strange stories, The Great Unknown (Spineless Wonders), featuring emerging and established Australian writers including Krissy Kneen, Carmel Bird, Paddy O’Reilly, Ryan O’Neill, Chris Flynn, Kathy Charles, AS Patric & more.

Angela has a book of flash fiction, Captives, coming out with Inkerman & Blunt in May.

Her fiction and reviews have been published widely, including in the Australian, The Big Issue, Books+Publishing, The Lifted Brow, Wet Ink, Seizure, The Geek Mook, AntiTHESIS, The Queen’s Head (UK), and Bookslut (US).

Angela has chaired panels at writers’ festivals in Australia and around the world, including at Edinburgh International Book Festival in 2013.

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