Some Goals for 2014

Hey everyone!

Earlier today, I posted a little announcement about my status as a reviewer and a few more changes taking place on A Life Among the Pages. You can read that HERE if you haven’t seen it yet.

What are some of the changes that’ll be taking place? Well, I want to make a short list for those interested. Some are things you’ll be seeing on the blog, and others are more personal (well publically personal) changes, and maybe some of you’d like to adopt them as well.

Let me get some of the blogging things listed…

  • I want to bring back some of the series I used to run here. Those require input from my readers, like you have in the past. So for those interested, please get a hold of me and we can get things rolling 🙂 For now these will be linked to the main category pages, but I’m working on making real main pages for them soon.
    • Authors We Love – basically posts telling us about an author you love and why. This isn’t about a specific book, but more the broad sense of an author’s writing they keeps pulling you in book after book.
    • Aged Pages – Used books, used bookstores, and the joys of inhaling dust! This series has a range of topics to write about, as long as it centers on the appreciation of making sure no books are left behind. All books need a home!
    • Prose Verse Babel – This series is really fun. Take a few books, stack them up, and make a poem out of the titles on the spine. Doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, as long as it makes some “sense” and was fun to “write.”
  • I’m also going to be doing the regular new release promos, occasional sale posts, and blog tours. I won’t be taking a full step back from helping out my author friends or even random authors who’d like a spot on the blog. If you are looking for a blog to do a promo on, feel free to contact me via the contact page (found on the right in the menu bar).
  • I want to share more of my writing. Whether I’m writing some poems or have a fragment that I might make into a short story…I want to get those out to everyone. I haven’t have much writing to share since my releases in late 2012/early 2013, but I want to change that. Part of relieving myself from my review workload is to open my mind up for my own writing. I’m hoping this’ll help my inspiration room to push through and more time to get it on paper.

That last thing is one of those more “personal” goals/changes, as well as, beneficial for the blog. Another thing I want to do this year is get some goals for specific books to read or types of books. This is a rough sketch and I hope to be able to check off much of it this year:

  • Read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books/stories.
    • It’s one thing I’ve sort of wanted to do for some time since I don’t know much about Holmes, but he’s kind of really famous. I started thinking more seriously about doing this when I was reading the Pendergast series by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child. In 2013, I plowed through the most of the series (from books 4-13) in order to be all caught up for any future releases next year.  I’m happy to say that I finished book 13, which came out in November, with just a few days of 2013 left. It was a great book, and solidified this goal for me. Doyle & Holmes played a role in the mystery in the book. But even before that, Pendergast has qualities often said to resemble Holmes, and being that Doyle’s stories are almost the definition of the mystery genre, I need to check these out now 🙂
    • I want to read at least one more Jane Austen book. This might not seem like a big deal to some people since it’s just a goal of one or two books, but I read Pride & Prejudice a few years ago and didn’t care for it much. BUT, I have a friend, Cinta (the author of The Funny Adventures of Little Nani) who’s a HUGE Austen fan. I want to give the author a chance and maybe see what my friend enjoys so much. I’m still iffy on some classics, but I’ve accepted that issue.
    • Here’s a big one…I want to try reading a short story a day. Even if it’s a few pages long or 30 pages long. I think this’ll help me keep in the habit of reading and sticking to a “reading goal”. But, in order to keep me sane, I think I’ll allow myself a minimum. I want to read a story a day, but if I read 5 a week, I’ll be happy. Some days I just might not be able to read something…luckily I have audiobook resources like Librivox! I’ll be able to “read” some classic short stories while doing other things around the house.
      • Small note on this: I will maybe be doing a weekly “report” on what stories I’ve read and my basic reactions. Kind of a post with quick reviews, nothing too in depth. But then again maybe some stories will get full reviews. We’ll have to see.
    • There are many other books I’ve been “wanting to read” but couldn’t for one reason or another. Some series I want to continue or start are: Stephen King’s Dark Tower (I’ve only read book 1), Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Event (got the first 6 recently), and Dean Koontz’ Odd Thomas books (read some of book 1, but had to stop at the time). I’m forgetting many though, haha.
    • MORE POETRY!!! That’s right, I’m just going to say this simply: I made a goal to read more poetry this year…since I’m a bad poet and don’t finish many poetry books. I jump around books a lot. It has its benefits and disadvantages, so let’s see if I can finish a few books.

I think that’s a good list for now. I’m sure I’ll alter it by adding or removing a few things. Having it out in the open kind of makes me bound to a contract of sorts right? lol. Maybe this’ll help keep me on track if everything knows what I want to do in 2014.

What are some of your goals? Do you even have any? This is a new thing I’m trying out, myself. Please, feel free to leave a comment on this post and let’s get some discussion going on the blog again. No need to be silent around here.

5 responses to “Some Goals for 2014

  1. Very nice goals there. It looks like you have a lot to accomplish. I’ve read a few of Sir Doyle’s work and enjoy it. I’m not a big Austin fan. Her work is dull to me. My main goals for the year are to write every day, finish writing 3 books, and be more sociable on the internet.

    • Yea, that was sorta my reaction to P&P…but I find myself thinking that with many classics. They have a different style to them that doesn’t always work for me, no matter the writer. it’s just a difference between writing 200 years ago compared to today. But I’m hoping maybe another of hers will appeal to me 🙂 Can’t hurt, but maybe it’s just not for me. I do appreciate what these classic authors have done, and I can see what other readers can take away from the books. I think as long as I can see that in them, I can feel good about myself. lol

  2. Yay for reading Jane Austen books! You want to know what I like so much about her and her books? I love her spunk, her irony, the sarcastic remarks that she conveys through her heroines, and that subtle humour that makes you smile while thinking “well played, Miss Austen, well played”. If you really want to know what I mean, you should give Northanger Abbey a go; of all the novels, it is the most sarcastic and humorous one (she even makes fun of her own heroine! *and this is not a spoiler*). If I manage to make a person to read, at least, one of her novels, I am happy.

    About my personal challenges for this year. I have three of them, but I still have to blog about them. The first one is reading 100 books (no matter their length). The second challenge is reading, at least, 50 Austenesque books, including the re-reading of Mansfield Park since this year it will be the 200th anniversary of its publication; I want to read as much as I can about Austen because I will be taking a course on her next August at Oxford University. The final challenge is related to the two previous ones, since it is an A to Z Reading Challenge; I will read books whose titles start with every letter in the alphabet.

    Good luck for everything you want to accomplish this year!

    • Those are some lofty goals! There’s no denying you’re an Austen fan being that you want to read at least 50 books influenced by her. Not sure if there’s another author who has so much written based on or written about him/her. It’s the passion you show for Austen that makes me want to try her again. It’s like how I feel about S.M. Boyce’s writing, haha (another plug for Boyce). I’d read anything by or about her. Always great to be fanatical about books 🙂

      That A to Z challenge sounds fun too. Maybe I could incorporate that into my short story goal. Read a story for every letter of the alphabet. That can’t be very hard to accomplish.

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