Announcement: I’m closing my doors…to open others

Being that the new year is starting, people are making resolutions and changes to their lives, I feel this is the best time to announce something important…

To come out and put it bluntly, I will be closing my doors to reviews requests for at least the entirety of 2014.

I started being a serious reviewer early in 2012 and have enjoyed most of what comes with that title for two years. While I have closed my reviewing doors on several  occasions, that time was still spent reviewing my towering piles of books, and wasn’t spent being idle like I might have needed. I’ve come to the realization in the last few months that I need to take a real break from reviewing for a while.

Now that I’m taking myself “off the market,” I’m hoping that I can take that extra time to focus on my own writing. It’s taken the back seat in 2013, and when I was trying to write, I wasn’t focused enough on it. I’m hoping to get more material together for my next poetry collection…which I tried motivating myself to write back in the fall, some of you may recall…and a few other projects that are formulating in space somewhere. The same goes for my blogging. I want to focus on resurrecting some of my book related series, like Authors We Love and Aged Pages. Those were fun, and I miss doing them.

Will there still be reviews on  A Life Among the Pages? Yes, yes there will be. I will continue to read, but I will be pulling books from my extremely outrageously large collection of books. With over 1800 print books, and…well I won’t tell you how many ebooks…sitting around waiting for my enjoyment, I will be getting to some of those now. I’ll be reviewing those that I feel I can adequately review and some might get a brief mention so you all know what I’m up to. I’ll also be reviewing for a very select group of authors that I’ve established a relationship with due to my enjoyment of their work. They know who they are, so you will see some ARC and new release reviews on rare occasions.

So, there it is. I’m taking my reviewing hat off, and putting it over on the Shakespeare bust on the corner of my desk. Well, it’ll go somewhere. I don’t have a Shakespeare bust, or any bust. If I did, I think it might be Whitman and he already wears a hat most of the time.

I hope everyone comes around to take part in the other fun bookish stuff that I’m going to bring to A Life Among the Pages. It’ll be fun, like it used to be. I can’t wait to get the sense of community back and to bring you new material to read, hopefully a few new books for you to read as well.

Happy 2014 everyone!

– Robert Zimmermann
the dude who runs this joint 😉


P.S. – to those on my review list right now, those books aren’t to be forgotten. I’ll never forget about a review book that has been accepted prior to closing. I know a few authors have waited much longer than you should have. Not too proud of that. They will be read/reviewed, in time.

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