BEST OF 2013: A Year in #Review

2013, a year in review…

The end of 2013 is upon us, and so is the end of my second full year of blogging (serious blogging. This thing’s been up since something like 2009 technically). Like I did at the end of 2012, I’m taking the time to summarize the year, somewhat.

Let me start with a few stats from over on Goodreads:

I set a goal of reading 200 books for 2013, well, I ended up surpassing that number. I’ve read a total of 273 books this year. But please, before you freak out thinking I read A LOT, remember this, GR counts any book entry as a book. It could be a 3 page story or a 1000+ page epic novel. So, I really don’t hold that 273 book count as an achievement.  BUT, GR also has another stat that I DO think is a more accurate way to measure my reading accomplishment. While I’ve read 273 “books,” GR has added up all the page counts of the books I’ve read and put it into a nice large number for me. In 2013, I’ve read just about 23,000 pages (Being a GR librarian, I’ve done my best to make the books I’ve read as accurate on page count as possible, but a few, like the audiobooks I’ve “read” don’t have real page counts. This 23k is an approximate value based on what GR counted for me.) How does this compare to 2012? According to GR, I read 153 books (which many of which were novels, compared to this year) and just over 13000 pages.

I think that’s enough boring stuff for now. Would you like to see my top 10 (and top 5, for poetry since I don’t read as much as I should) lists? Remember, like last year, the order these books are listed in aren’t necessarily from best to less best. I don’t really choose favorites, especially when so many different genres and writing styles are involved. If I can be bold, just once in this post, I will say that if I had to choose ONE favorite book of 2013, it’d be S.M. Boyce’s Heritage. I’ve said this often, but I have a feeling that Boyce’s books will top my lists for years to come. I’m not playing favorites, it’s just that she continues to exceed my expectations with each book 🙂

fancy lineresize

Top 10 Novels

fancy lineresize

Top 10 Short Stories/Novellas/Collections

fancy lineresize

Top 5 Poetry Books

fancy lineresize

Now that that’s over with, let me finish out this post. What’ll 2014 bring with it? Well, there are going to be some changes here on A Life Among the Pages. Don’t worry, I’ll still be here, but I’m hoping to be here more often. I want to be blogging more, like I did last year. I want to hopefully get the Authors We Love and Aged Pages posts started back up again, as well as Prose Verse Babel.

In 2014, I’m also hoping to get back into writing more. Most of this year, I’ve been in a writing funk. I’ve written some things, but not many. I had that erotica kick back in the beginning of the year, but even that died down. So 2014 will be…I hope…a better year. I’m going to read more (I’ve started getting into my back log and finding great books there), but I’ll be getting into that more later in the next few days. I’m going to write more. I’m going to bring you more authors to check out.  A Life Among the Pages will go back to being alive and a place to stop by often and a place to participate once again! Let’s help it get active again and grow! I know I can count on you, my readers. You are, after all, the reason I keep this thing going 🙂

Hope everyone’s year is off to a great start! You’ll be hearing from me sooner rather than later, so don’t be strangers!

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