2013 #Review Recap – Silent Dreams, by @Helle_Gade

2013 Recap

I admittedly don’t read much poetry, even though I’m a poet. Well, to be fair, I tend to not read many books of poetry from start to finish. I skip around from book to book, taking in fragments of various poet’s work. Yea, I need to change this and read more full books…I have a list for 2014 that I want to finish up.

Where am I going with this? Well, in 2013 a few poetry books made it onto my TBR and a few were even finished. Silent Dreams is Helle Gade’s first published book, and one of those that I finished. I’m glad I did, too. Helle has published two other collections since (Nocturnal Ember and Savage Rose), which have received just as much praise . I can’t wait to get to those two soon.

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Silent Dreams

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Title: Silent DreamsSilent Dreams
Author: Helle Gade
Rating: 5/5 Stars

“A mixed collection of poetry that visits Nordic mythology, simple pleasures, darkness, love and pain.” (description from Goodreads)


Even with me being a poet, I don’t pick up many poetry collections to review. But I’m starting to find some great collections that I can pick up and can’t seem to put them down. Silent Dreams is one of those.

I was surprised when I finished, because I read it “cover-to-cover” (ebooks don’t have covers, silly me). I rarely have the attention span to read more than a few poems at a time, even when it’s a collection from one of my favorites. Gade’s words sucked me in and didn’t let me go until the very end.

I enjoyed that there was a great mixture of themes throughout, along with a little treat at the end. The last two poems were in the poet’s native Danish. While I don’t have any idea what the words meant, I tried to recite the poems. I failed miserably, but it only added to my enjoyment of the collection. When a can create beautiful works in multiple languages, it’s a show of skills many writers don’t possess.

This collection will be one I go back to, to re-read and share with fellow poetry fans for a while to come.


You can purchase Silent Dreams from:


About the Author:

My name is Helle. I’m a writer and hobby photographer from Denmark. I spend most of my time reading, writing and taking loads of pictures, in between I worship chocolate.

Find out more:

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