#Review: Run, by Nelson Lowhim (@nlowhim)

Title: Run
Author: Nelson Lowhim
Rating: 3/5 stars

“A man gets a chilling phone call. It’s from his past. He rushes to save himself, but finds out that this phone call might be one he can never escape. (description from Goodreads)”


This will be a quicker review than normal, due to the short length of this story. Run was a little sketchy at the start for me. But it turned into an interesting story as I read on. The writing style the author used leads it to be a little vague for my liking, but being vague isn’t always a bad thing. It left room for a few things open to interpretation. I think that vagueness is where the strength of the story is, even if it didn’t fully sit well with me. In the various meanings I found behind some elements of this story, I can see it appealing to a variety of readers. Reading Run has gotten me interested in checking out Lowhim’s other work.


If you’d like to grab a copy of this short story, you can find it on:

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About the Author:

Lowhim served in the US Army as a Green Beret Engineer and graduated from Columbia University. He’s been published in LA review of LA, Nine Line Anthology, and Afterwords.

He enjoys writing books that cause cogitation about life.

Born in the bubbling cauldron of Tanzania, he picked up his first pen at the age of two and chewed. He’s progressed much since then. He wrote his first story at 5, a knockoff of all the prince-saves-princess stories he’d read at the time. Life did not rest. It took him to India, then frigid Michigan. The shock, according to parent-sources, was a character building exercise. Lowhim, however, only remembered clenched fingers trying to write.

Soon he was hitchhiking the mountainous American West, where the outlaw locals kept his journal full of color. It wasn’t long before he joined the US Army where the detritus of Babylon only furthered his literary ambitions. Iraq wasn’t done with him. He would return, an Engineer in 5th SFG. When he returned from that trip, he finished his first novel.

Released upon the world, he attended Columbia University. He spent his free time writing and working with other authors. He graduated and has since been penning some of the most ambitious novels this side of that Pluto rock.

Lowhim currently lives with his girlfriend in the Bronx. 

His novels are: When Gods Fail (the series), The Struggle Trilogy, Tree of Freedom, and CityMuse

Find out more:

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