#Review: Monkey Talk, by T. Lucas Earle

Title: Monkey Talk
Author: T. Lucas Earle
Rating: 4/5 stars

“Monkey Talk is loosely based on the Chinese myth, the Monkey King, a timeless story about who belongs, and who doesn’t. In a future in which Chimps can give lectures on cybernetics, Mr. Towry is a Chimp with an attitude. Unfortunately, the rules are still ‘No shirt, no shoes, no service.'” (description from Goodreads)

line-37709I found this story interesting for a variety of reasons.

On the surface, this was a fun story with great characters. I really liked Mr. Towry, a chimpanzee that can talk thanks to technological and biological advancements of the future setting of the story. As the blurb hints at, Towry does have an attitude. At the same time, I didn’t feel that he was totally out of line with how he felt about certain things. The other main character, Ms. Liu, also added to this story. I wasn’t expecting there to be as much depth to her at first glance, but the author developed her, and Towry, well for this being a short story.

This story wasn’t just about talking apes, though that in itself could be worth reading about. As the author mentions in the description, this story has a basis on a Chinese myth. I’m not familiar with it, but the theme of “who belongs, and who doesn’t” is very clear throughout this story. I won’t get into much detail with it, but the way it’s worked into the story might get some readers thinking long and hard about how we view others, as well as other animals.

Monkey Talk is a great story bringing you into the mind of a Chimp who can freely communicate with the world. This helps to see things from a very different perspective and is thought-provoking to say the least.


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About the Author:

T. Lucas Earle is a writer, filmmaker, and amateur statistician  He lives in LA, a comfortable 60 meters above sea level, where only three out of every 100,000 people are murdered.

T. Lucas has a degree from Emerson College, which makes for a terrific placemat. He spends his days reading terrible scripts – a job for which he receives  nominal remuneration. Like many slightly brain-damaged children of hypoxic former left-wing political cult members of the 1970s , he will review almost anything. I once caught him writing a review for a Hamilton Beach toaster oven  instruction manual.

When T. Lucas is not reading and groaning quietly to himself, he writes and groans much louder.  He has written several short stories, a screenplay or two, and is working up the courage to write a note to the fetching young lady who works at the Starbucks on Glendale Ave. He’s been published in Electric Spec, The Colored Lens, and on Amazon, where you can find his short stories.

T. Lucas also writes numerous blogs filled with hidden SOS messages, in the hopes that one day someone will find him and rescue him from the Internet.

Find out more:

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