#Review: Memoirs of a Sorcerer, by Lana Axe

Title: Memoirs of a Sorcererlana axe
Author: Lana Axe
Rating: 2/5 stars

“Ilthan has been wronged, and he intends to take back what is his.

Ilthan is an immensely talented sorcerer who has been forced into exile by those he meant to rule. Determined to have his revenge, he mounts a massive attack on the Sunswept Isles. Will he finally succeed in taking the isles by force?

This short story features one elf’s tale of triumph over captivity.” (description from Goodreads)


My main issue with it was that it felt like the narrator was writing a list of events that happened in his life. With “memoir” in the title, the reader should expect a recollection of a life, but with that normally comes some detail, depth, and story, especially in a fictional memoir.

Due to the over telling and little showing, there wasn’t much room to get into the story. The narrator (the sorcerer from the title) wasn’t a likeable character, but that’s apparent from the start. Normally with that, an author makes other characters easy to sympathize with, to counter the dislike, but I wasn’t able to find that. The other characters were mere mentions and I didn’t feel bad for their failures against the sorcerer. There was one character that was shown to possibly fill the void, but she was short-lived and easily forgotten.

This review is a little lopsided with its “negatives,” but I do feel that, as mentioned above, there’s a bigger story here that this was just more of an outline for. The concept intrigued me. The title alone drew me in. Seeing that this author has a few novels out, I do think I’ll take a look at them. I’d like to see what her ideas can do when allowed to expand and flourish with the room of a novel length piece.


You can grab a copy of this short story from:

Amazon | Smashwords | B&N


About the Author:

Lana Axe lives in Missouri near the edge of the woods. She is inspired by her love of nature to write about elves, magic, and adventure. Growing up in Mark Twain’s backyard inspired her love of fiction from an early age. She grew up an avid reader and went on to study literature in college.

After eight years of jotting notes and building a fantasy world, she has finally begun releasing novels in her Tales from Nōl’Deron series. They will feature many of the same characters, but each novel will stand alone.

Find out more:

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