#BookPromo: Never Again, by @RosaStorm78

Life can get difficult, but we always have the chance to change it. Jen decided she had enough and chose to do something to change her situation. Relationships can be hard to keep if you don’t take care of the other person. Never Again is a short story that explores the human mind and actions when we feel desperate, and the chilling consequences that some behaviours can provoke.

This short story can also be found in the anthology called Satan’s Holiday, published October 1st, 2013, and compiled by best-selling and award-winning author Yvonne Mason, with the collaboration of Nicholas Grabowsky.


You can grab a copy of this short story from:

Smashwords | B&N

It can also be found in the anthology, Satan’s Holiday:


About the Author:

Rosa Storm is a writer of psychological horror stories. Easily scared, Rosa decided to face her fears and start writing horror stories as a therapy to not be scared ever again. So far, her first published horror story is “Never Again”, a short story featured in the horror anthology “Satan’s Holiday”, compiled by Yvonne Mason with the collaboration of Nicholas Grabowsky. She is working on a set of horror stories to be published as a collection, and she is also working on a twisted horror Christmas story for another anthology to be published next Christmas 2014.

Find out more:

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