#Review: The Making of Marea, by @ScarletteDNoire

Title: The Making of Marea (Vampire Historia)
Author: Scarlette D’Noire
Rating: 4/5 stars

“A true vampire romance story.
When the sexy vampire Delano sets his sights on Marea a young ex-slave girl he gets much more than he bargained for. Will Delano become the new Master of the Estate with Marea by his side or will Marea turn the tables on him and save her husband from Delano’s deadly grasp.” (description from Goodreads)


The Making of Marea is a good short story that hints at so much more. I was happy to see that this was part of what will be a series, because there’s much more to this story than the reader gets in this one.

Overall I liked this one. I really liked Marea’s character. I can tell she’s complex and not to be taken lightly. I wasn’t as keen on Delano, but he wasn’t all bad. I feel that there was some story missing from this one. As I said, it’s part of the series, but I think there’s not enough revealed for this one to fully pull me in. The reader’s thrown into the scene blindly, while it unfolds, but I didn’t think it unfolded fully enough in a few areas. That’ll probably be fixed in later installments.

Another small issue I had while reading was the point of view. It’s third person, but the issue was that it jumped from being inside Marea’s head to Delano’s too often for such a short story. There was at least one time when this change occurred in mid-paragraph. It’s only slightly jarring, but worth mentioning. There was also a small section when Marea’s name changed to “Maria.” Small hiccup, but something another proofread could clear up.

But in the end, it’s a good story. I liked the twist and how that’ll lead to something bigger. The mild-erotic scene that is incorporated into the story was a nice touch as well. It added to the story without taking center-stage. I’ll have to come back for more of this Vampire Historia series when more comes out.


You can grab a copy of this short story from:

This short story was also part of  the anthology, Vampires Romance to Rippers an Anthology of Risque Stories,
with some other great authors:


About the Author:

Originally from Chicago Scarlette D’Noire is an American author currently residing in Florida with her husband and two furry children. A lover of all things vampire, Scarlette has published two books in the anthology series, Vampires Romance to Rippers, an Anthology of Tasty Stories, and an Anthology of Risqué Stories with several outstanding authors.

She is currently writing two books in the Vampire Historia a Series of Revelations, collections: Nicolai’s Fate and Delano’s Undoing. She has published a short in the Vampire Historia Series titled The Making of Marea. Scarlette D’Noire is a nom de plume used to protect the true identity of the author so she may bring Vampire Historia a Series of Revelations to light without consequences.

Find out more:

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