Some new poetry…

Back during Poetry Week, I announced that I’m working on a new project. That project will turn into a collection titled A Sense of Fall. I’m “hard” at work at it. Some days are better than others in terms of writing…but I’m hoping to finally get focused on it. A little hard to do with blogging, reviewing, and my normal laziness taking the majority of my days, but it’ll happen.

As a little kick in the ass for myself, I decided to skim through one of my old notebooks from my early college days. There are many poems in it, many bad poems. I found some good ones though. I took two of them and fixed them up, putting my more “mature poet” touch on them. Maybe they’ll find their way into A Sense of Fall, maybe not. We’ll just have to see. For now, please enjoy Leave a Whisper For the Past and the formerly titled Daydreaming Through Conversation. As always, I’d love to have feedback on these, so all comments are welcome on the post!

Happy reading.

fancy line

Leave A Whisper For The Past

All that was is gone,
and all that is, was never there.
We live in the future,
the past, and the present
…and in fear.

The future holds no truth,
neither pleasure, nor pain.
The only feeling to be felt,
is ecstasy from jumping off
of a speeding train.

The present flies by,
just as fast as it can.
We can’t hurry it along
any faster, or slow it down.
We are only man.

The past is behind us,
look through the rear view mirror.
It is what has already been,
and never was
and makes everything more clear.

fancy line

No title

(formerly titled: Daydreaming Through Conversation.)

Have you ever loved the universe
and the girl that it was in?
Have you ever looked into her eyes
and felt your tears begin?
Have you ever wondered what she’s thinking,
is she thinking of him?

No, you’re caught in the beauty
but you’re looking past her skin.
Looking past her body, her vessel,
gazing at the spirit within:

A wild horse running
around you with a grin.
She plays around, a test;
are you worthy to win.
To be in her heart,
to be held by her within

Her presence, intoxicating.
the most inebriated you’ve ever been

fancy line

Want to check out more of my poetry? You’re in luck! My debut collection, From Where I Stand, is about to turn a year old and I’d love more readers. You can find it (along with my other work) above under the WRITING tab, or just click here

3 responses to “Some new poetry…

  1. Very nice, Rob! I love the atmosphere you capture in your poems. I especially love the first stanza of “Whisper.” The rhyme and deviation from the time words is unexpected and makes that last line really pack a punch.

    “All that was is gone,
    and all that is, was never there.
    We live in the future,
    the past, and the present
    …and in fear.”

    • Thanks CJ! Glad you liked them. I’m sure you know this, but I normally shy away from any rhyme, or at least any intended rhyme. I find more often than not, most poets make the words of the poem fit the rhyme instead of the rhyme fit the words of the poem, and it leads to it being cheesy or just subpar compared to what it could be without the limitation or rhyme.

      It seems that in some of these earlier poems I was playing with rhyme more, even though I don’t recall doing so, haha. Not sure if there was a form for “Whisper”, but some I found around the same time I wrote this were different types of poems with rhyme (I was taking my first poetry class then, so it was a project I think). I ‘m happy this one worked with the rhyme.

      Fun fact: The original version, before the edits I made for this post, ended with “clearer” to make it rhyme better with “mirror.” But it sounded funny, so I changed it to “more clear” and said “fuck rhyming perfectly! Ima do what I want.”

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