#Review: Sex in the Deserted Carpark, by @LadyBitchen

Title: Sex in the Deserted Carkparksex in the carpark
Author: Lady Bitchen Erotica
Rating: 3/5 stars

“A naughty true story about outdoor adventures and infidelity in a lonely car park next to the National Park. Lust, sex, rimming, anal themes.” (description from Goodreads)

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I ran into a unique situation with this erotic short. To be honest, I started reading and almost put it down soon after. It’ll sound nit-picky, but the first 5 sentences started with “I” (“I had…” “I found…” etc). Then following this was a few “He,” “He,” “He” sentences. It was lacking in diversity and was boring me with too much telling early on. Yes, it was only about a page worth of this, but it’s a short story, so it counts for more than it would for a novel.

I did keep reading though. I wanted to see where this one was going, especially once the characters were established a little more. It ended up changing up enough and getting a little more descriptive and (not meant too harshly) less of a droning series of sentences. The was a good amount of attention when it came to the sexual intercourse between the two characters. This is where the story picked up a bit.

I’ve never read an erotic story that had so much foreplay in it and sex. Normally it’s either mostly the sex and some quick foreplay to start out, or all foreplay without full-on sex. It was a refreshing bit to read and to not have it passed over. Despite that, I felt that the way it was written created a few moments where the flow was interrupted as they changed up what was happening. I felt that it could have been a little smoother, and it would have led to me enjoying that bit a little more.

So overall this ended up being a good read. Some might find it very sexy. The author didn’t seem to be writing to push reality. It was very realistic, I feel. It just started out a little poorly for me, with some redeeming later on.  I’m sure I’ll give the author another read if any more stories are released.

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You can grab a copy of this story from:

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About the Author:

A Forty-something housewife who even bores herself starts the journey to becoming fabulous and getting her old self back. Some erotic, 18+ 21+ content.
(bio from her Twitter)

Find out more:

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