#PoetryWeek – poet Ashley Shaw

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I do not consider myself a poet in any sense of the word. I am not like Shakespeare or Edgar Allan Poe, I am simple a girl, who scribbles in notebooks. I’ve never studied poetry in college, I’ve never taken a writing class, I’ve never had anything published, and I am far from a professional.

Yet I still like to write in these little notebooks.

To me these little scribblings are thoughts, feelings, rants, and fears of mine (and others). They are a mix of invented, creative sentences and what goes on inside the mind of someone whose mind is constantly buzzing. It’s creative thought, it’s experience, it’s hope for the future, it’s art. It’s what the writer wants it to be, and what the reader interprets it to be. It means something different for everyone.

So I write stuff.

I refer to it as Word Vomit; to me, it’s a way to feel a release. A way to purge the noise in my head, a way to reduce stress, leave behind negative experiences and feelings, to rant, to think, to be free, to love, to hate and to hurt.

For me its creative therapy.

I don’t often like to share these poems that I write. I have horrible insecurities about these little scribblings of mine. Because, like I said I am no professional, I am nowhere near the class and caliber of poets with books and collections. I know nothing about the different styles of poetry.

I write because I like to. Because it moves me. It heals me.

So I will leave you with one of my Word Vomit creations to read, absorb, and interpret on your own. I hope you enjoy it.

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I am never going to make it with these people all around.
The reflection in the mirror; a false smile upon on lips.
Can no one see the pain, hidden just below the surface?
Little ripples in the water; they’ve turned to algae green.
Smiling to make you happy, so you won’t see; I’ve died inside.
You must be so blind; you can’t see this smile is a lie.
A treasure chest of secrets, with an X that marks the spot.
Hiding all my hopes and joys, keeping them safe from sight.
I wish to be myself again, my world has been upside down.
Cannot stop the crying; help me find the me I try to hide.
There is comfort in these shadows; a place to quietly die.
I have fallen down the Rabbits hole, I’ve lost myself inside.

©2003- 2013


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About the Author:

Ashley is a 30 year old single mother from Hamilton, OntarioCanada. She has a dangerous, almost unhealthy and extremely amusing addiction to Oreos, Coffee and Monster Energy Drinks!

Ashley had proudly earned an Honors Medical Office Administration Diploma (2011), and is currently working on her Legal Office Administration Diploma (2014).  She is the creator and operator of My Two Cents blog, and an avid reader, music lover, movie watcher and scribbler of words.

When she is not at school, doing homework, or working on her blog she loves to spend time with her son (The Monster) doing all the things HE loves to do and spending as much time with him as she can, watching her favorite hockey team (The Leafs), taking in nature, and enjoying as much of life with her family and friends as possible.

Find out more:

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