#PoetryWeek – poet Melissa Darby

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I do this every time
I never learn
It’s the attention that I yearn
I need
I can’t help it
I want to be wanted
anything else..
Is short of nothing
I become their tease
They walk through me with such ease
But I lay there
Bare more then I was before
I may be worth more..
But this is all I have

All their words
You’re so gorgeous
It will be our secret
She doesn’t need to know
You’re fun
I feel as though I should run
Always the one they want
But never seem to keep
They touch me
Without a conscious
My eyes see everything
But my heart does nothing
I lower myself even more
I’ll be the one alone

I do this every time
I know its wrong
But I don’t know where to go
Being alone
I silently scream
This attention, all they want is this..
the bareness of my life
The pictures
The videos
The things that should be kept
My words, they do not hear
I’m their dirty girl

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Think this poem sounds great?  It’s only one of the poems from Melissa Darby’s free-verse collection, The Girl. You can grab a copy here:


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About the Author:

Melissa Darby grew up in the small town of Atwater, Ca. She began writing poetry at the age of 15. Finding inspiration from heartbreak, love, music, and life. The free verse poetry that she discovered, helped her get through some of the toughest times. In, 2006 she had an urge to write a story. About a group of friends in high school. Based on the town and friends she grew up with. It was called, A Teenage Life published in 2007. A Grown Up Life, the sequel followed shortly after in 2009. Unfortunately, the publisher she went through never gave her an editor and was published in the original form.

After years of writers block and never being able to get past chapter 4 in every story. She decided it was time to re-write A Teenage Life & A Grown Up Life. Giving what the story deserved, an editor, and a new name. She is currently in the process of rewriting and will be done soon.

Just recently she published 4 poetry books. Never Had A Chance, The Girl, Numb, and Waiting For Me. Poetry going back to 2006. They are a reflection of her and hopes that her words can help someone.

Find out more:

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