#PoetryWeek – poet Mari Posa

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If I Could Fly Away

If I could fly away,
To a place where the trees whisper a not so solemn song
In the morning, crisp light of dawn.
Whisper, whisper your beautiful song
Pierce through the night, to the morning light.
While my dreams take flight they whisper
Whisper, wonder, sing a song.
Keep me warm until the break of dawn.

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This collection of poetry was written over a span of about ten years. They range from poems written by a little girl aged nine years, to a young woman of eighteen.

I was born into a life that did not suit me. I craved love, stability and safety more than I craved food for my empty belly. My mother was a drug addict and my father a figment of my over grown imagination.

To this day I don’t know who he is. My mother passed away on Christmas eve of 2001 and many of my life questions will remain unanswered. That Christmas changed my life forever. I was placed into foster care and eventually adopted by my aunt and uncle who provided more than I could have ever asked for. To them I am eternally grateful; they are the best parents anyone could ask for. They encouraged me and I continued to write as a means of expressing the intense emotions inside of me.

These are those expressions.

They are not in chronological order, they aren’t labeled with dates. Most of my writing was lost over time. Many journals were left behind at one place or another… we never really had a steady home. I regret that my journal was stolen by the first foster family I lived with; I never got it back from them.

The poems I’ve selected I did so with care, I feel they express from a child, or adolescent perspective what being the child of an addict can feel like. The only changes to these poems I’ve made are spelling errors and formatting.

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About the Author:

Mari Posa is the adult child of a substance abuse parent. She lived in various locations, Colorado and California mostly, but found her way up to the state of Washington after her mother’s death. Here she worked hard to overcome her past and the obstacles presented to her. Mari now spends her days living her dreams as a wife, mother and writer.

Mari has published a collection of poetry, written when she was still a child. She chose to publish these poems because she felt they showed from an adolescent perspective what it is like to live as the child of a substance abuse parent.

Mari is currently working on a full length novel, Clipped Wings, a memoir of her time before adoption and how she overcame the odds.

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