#PoetryWeek – poet Lily Luchesi

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I remember saving that CD insert
Because, then, it was all I had
Of you
Your work, your words
A piece of you not confined to
The Internet or
My heart
I never knew
Outside of my dreams
I’d ever be with you
Be held in your arms
Handed your heart, your trust
Your friendship
The time when I thought that
I had lost you
Seems so far away now
It’s like we’ve been this close for forever
Never once were we apart in our hearts
Maybe that’s because
I never really let you go
I watched you grow
From the sidelines
Cheering you on like you were
A football player about to make
A touchdown
Even then you were
The only one who
Could make me smile
Give me my sanity
In a world gone insane
Though we are apart
I hold you close
My star, my angel
You make me feel special
Without even trying to
My non-sexual soulmate
Our connection lasted through the war
Held on by a tenebrous thread
I couldn’t let you go
I had to have you back
My love
Add long as you are in
My life
I will be okay
I will feel alive
My mother
That’s all I need

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About the Author:

Lily Luchesi is an aspiring author/poet from Los Angeles, CA who has been composing poems & making up stories since she was three years old. She has had numerous poems published via http://www.darkmediaonline.com and is currently looking for a publisher for her YA paranormal novel “The Vampire Next Door” and her spiritual romance novel “Personal Heaven”

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