#PoetryWeek – #Free poetry from @Helle_Gade


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Here’s a special bonus Poetry Week post! Later this week, you’ll get to read a poem from Hell Gade when she has her own feature post, but as an added bonus, you can pick up a copy of her collection Nocturnal Embers for FREE from October 9th through the 10th.

You can find more about the collection and the purchase links below.
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Nocturnal Embers is a collection of poetry and poetic images that comes from the heart and soul of the author. It tells about the life of a person who suffers from chronic pain. Of the thoughts that prey on her in the Night. Of the simple joys we must not forget. All with a touch of Nordic mythology.

Grab a copy FREE (October 9th-10th) from:


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About the Author:

My name is Helle. I’m a writer and hobby photographer from Denmark. I spend most of my time reading, writing and taking loads of pictures, in between I worship chocolate.

Find out more:

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