#PoetryWeek – poet Suzy Ayers

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What got me into poetry? Well, I cannot say a certain event or poet ever got me into poetry or writing for that matter. I remember even writing songs down as a young child. My older sister would help me type my handwritten stories onto an old typewriter. No laughing, ok since I am, I guess it’s allowed. I’m showing my age I guess. Lots of correcting back then.

As a teenager I used to carry notebooks with me. Oftentimes I would ask my friends for random words and I would have to create a poem or series of poems using all of them. I still have that notebook. Perhaps one of these days I will crack it open and see if there are any gems hidden inside.

Poetry for me is an outlet, a diary if you will. I never plan the words or the thoughts; they flow from me as I’ve said before. Humans are emotional beings, and sometimes there are people out there that can express those feeling and elicit them in others. I have even seen readers find deeper and/or other meanings to something I didn’t intend. But overall, the poem has the most meaning to the writer. It’s a cathartic cleansing of sorts, well at least for this poetess. I hope you enjoy this poem written with past June.

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Sorry for the blurriness. This poem needed to be added as an image in order to get the formatting correct. My knowledge of html is still sub-par I guess.Suzy's poem2

This poem was initially posted on Suzy’s blog:
http://suzyayersauthor.weebly.com/4/post/2013/06/hope-poetry.htmlfancy line

About the Author:

Suzy Ayers grew up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts and a lot of her books are based in the New England area. She has a B.S. in Business Administration and a minor in Psychology.

She writes romance across many genres including: Erotica, Fantasy, and Paranormal. Her short stories and books twist into happily-for-now or happily-ever-after’s.

Suzy attempts to write in a manner that pulls you into the erotic event and paints an explicit scene of lust and passion. Her purpose of expressing it in this manner is that she believes that sex and love are intertwined and are healthy expressions of the human heart. Her writing depicts true to life characters with flaws and showcases that the world is sometimes sad; people are not one dimensional shells. We somehow become stronger and this to her is beautiful.

Beyond her passion of writing she loves to read and devours books at a rapid pace. She’s also passionate about music; you’ll find her singing everywhere. And when she remembers, she practices yoga. She loves to laugh and be surrounded by people who make her laugh. Her other creative outlet is cooking.

Find out more:

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