#PoetryWeek – poet Sheila Hall

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Sweet Little Sapling

Sweet little sapling, full of grace,
I watched you planted in love’s own embrace.
Sheltered and cared,
You grew up straight and tall;
A sweet little sapling,
Answering Heaven’s triumphant call.

Sweet little sapling, full of grace,
The Sun and the Moon have given you face.
Feed you with soft warm Summer rain,
Sang in cool gentle breezes;
Nature’s peaceful refrain

Sweet little sapling, full of grace,
I’m saddened to tell you that Autumn has come;
The season’s are now changing,
Your fight just begun

Sweet little sapling, full of grace,
I felt the winds changing and saw the frigid trace.
The storm clouds approaching, your Parents left you alone
To weather a storm; one you have never before known.

Sweet little sapling, full of grace,
Hear my pleas for your immortal place.
Though storms are a-raging and beating you down,
Let not the proud Lightning come strike you down.
Yes, your small leaves may wither against Frost’s bitter touch,
But your core, your strong center, will not be torn up.
These harsh Winter months may seem fully grown,
But trust me, sweet sapling, I would not leave you alone

Sweet little sapling, full of grace,
I beg you not to give hatred a space.
Your strong little heart will carry you on
If you can let go of those painful words wrong.
The Sun and the Moon did not mean you hurt;
Their love for you remains, a bond stronger than Earth.
Take in the soft rays of Sun’s happy bliss,
Sleep peaceful beneath Moon’s gentle night kiss.
Let the storms pass you by,
Let the sorrow go too,
Sweet little sapling, this is my wish for you.

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Erotica writer and poet, Sheila Hall, is a lover of all things naughty.  When not found lurking on The Darker Half, she is looking for Desires in the Dark.  Sweet Little Sapling will be featured in her current project, The Struggle Anthology; a collection of short stories and poems to help raise money for struggling writers in need.  

About the Author:

Lover, writer, poet, and all around flirt.  
Editor for TheDarkerHalf.com and currently writing my first novel while drinking copious amounts of coffee… 
Come to the darker side of fun, we have cookies.


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